God’s Protection: Father’s Adventure of Fishing

My father nearly lost his life when he was fishing. However, he was miraculously out of danger because of God’s protection. God’s authority is indeed everywhere!

Christian devotion, pray to God

3 Principles to Rely on God Besides Verbal Prayer

By relying on God many difficulties can be resolved. Grasping 3 principles of true dependence on God helps you appreciate God’s wondrous deeds.

Bible Verses about Overcome Anger

14 Bible Verses About Anger – Help You Tame Temper

Bible Verses about Overcome Anger – Help You Tame Temper In our daily life, something may occur to distress us every day, such as a tough time at work, kids’ … Read More 14 Bible Verses About Anger – Help You Tame Temper

Matt Maher - Lord, I Need You

Matt Maher – Lord, I Need You – Depending on God

Matt Maher – Lord, I Need You – Depending on God Related Posts: God Has Been Waiting for My Return Spiritual Awakening: Without God, Where Would We Go? God Is … Read More Matt Maher – Lord, I Need You – Depending on God

How to Keep Faith in God When Mother Got Terminal Lung Cancer

When my mother got terminal lung cancer, it was God’s word that guided us to keep faith in God. In the end, we saw God’s protection and her cancer was healed.

Got a Job

Relying on God, I Got More Than a Job

Only when I was rejected time and again in job-hunting in Japan did I come before God. Unexpectedly, relying on God, I not only got a job but also gained …

Psalm 23-4 - Depend On God

Psalm 23:4

Today’s bible verse is Psalm 23:4 about depending on God. And Jesus looking on them said, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.


Relying on God, I Graduated on Schedule

In order to graduate on schedule, I fetched help everywhere, but to no avail. When I put aside myself and relied on God, things have been looking up …

Creative Proposal, laptop

Relying on God, I Easily Modify Well Creative Proposal

When I relied on myself to modify the proposal, I suffered the failures three times; but when I relied on God, I successfully modified it in two hours, even my boss couldn’t believe that.

man, listen to hymns

During My Career, I Learned to Rely on God

I wanted to do a good job by relying on my ability, but things went contrary to my wish. However, when I learned to rely on God, I easily finished my job.