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The Mystery of the Incarnation (1) | God’s Word

In the Age of Grace, John paved the way for Jesus. He could not do the work of God Himself and merely fulfilled the duty of man. Though John was the forerunner of the Lord, he could not represent God; […]

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You Must Know the Importance of God Become Flesh.

The Relevant Words of God Are as Follows: “This time, God comes to do work not in a spiritual body but in a very ordinary one, God’s second incarnate body, a body in which God returns in the flesh, a […]

Why is the world dark and evil? Is it that mankind should be destroyed when they have been corrupted to the utmost?

The answer from God’s word: “Man lost his God-fearing heart after being corrupted by Satan and lost the function that one of God’s creatures should have, becoming an enemy disobedient to God. Man lived under Satan’s domain and followed Satan’s […]

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