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A Spiritual Battle: When Illness Strikes, How Should We Keep Our Faith in God?

Why does illness strike after you accepted God’s gospel of the last days? In illness, how should we keep our faith in God? The experience of Brother Audree will inspire you.

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A Christian’s Testimony: How Should We Deal With Satan’s Temptations on the Way to Welcome the Lord?

If we Christians want to welcome the Lord’s return, we must learn to discern Satan’s temptations. Let’s see the twists and turns the protagonist experienced in welcoming the Lord.

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Seeing Through the Facts, I Have Discernment of the CCP’s Rumors

Deceived by the CCP’s rumors, I once stopped my mother from believing in God. Later, facts allow me to see through and discern the rumors, and finally, I come before God.

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Why Is There Always Something Getting in the Way of My Gatherings? I Come to Know This Is Satan’s Interference

Why do things always happen to me when I attend gatherings? I feel very distressed. Through seeking, I find the way of practice and no longer miss gatherings because of being disrupted by the people, events and things.

Testimony of a 12-Year-Old Christian Overcoming Satan’s Disturbance

Testimony of a 12-Year-Old Christian Overcoming Satan’s Disturbance

Satan made use of my father to hinder me from believing in God. With the guidance and enlightenment of God’s words and my mother’s support, I had the confidence to defeat Satan, and finally stood witness.

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My Experience of Spiritual Warfare Was God’s Blessing in Disguise

My husband attempted to obstruct me from believing in God, which made me distressed. Only after I experienced this spiritual warfare did I realize this was a wager made by God and Satan and was God’s blessing in disguise as well.

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God’s Word Led Her to See Through Religious Leaders’ Substance

Under the leadership of God’s words, she could discern the substance of the religious leaders. Finally, she overcame Satan and stood firm on the true way.


Facing Block From Unbelieving Families, How Can We Keep Faith in God?

On the matter of belief in God, be it big or small, we should bear witness for God. The protagonist’s experience in this article will give you some inspiration.

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Bad Things That Happened to New Believers Are Satan’s Temptations

Did you encounter bad things when you first believed in God? You must want to know the reason …

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God’s Words Give Me Power to Overcome Husband’s Hindrance

My husband hindered me from believing in God, but God’s words gave me the power to overcome his hindrance.