Finding a Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work and Returning to God’s House

Finding a Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work and Returning to God’s House

Do you know the root of the desolation in the religious world? How can we find the church with the Holy Spirit’s work and welcome the Lord? This article has the answers.

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Christian Testimony: My 40-Year Wish to Be Raptured Was Finally Fulfilled

She has longed for the Lord’s return for 40 years. Later, she finally welcomed the Lord and was raptured into God’s kingdom. Read to learn how to be raptured into God’s kingdom.

I Find the Way to Be Free From Sin and No Longer Feel Distressed

Only those who are free from sin and purified, are qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven. So how can we cast off the bonds of sin? Read to get the answer.

How to Get Rid of Sin: I Found the Path

We often pray to the Lord, confess and repent, but why are we unable to get rid of sin? How can we break free from the bonds of sin and enter the heavenly kingdom? The experience of Yu’en will give you the answers.

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I Unexpectedly Welcomed the Lord’s Return by Watching Gospel Films

I didn’t seek and investigate God’s gospel of the last days because of my pastor’s words. Later, I understood the truth and welcomed the Lord’s return by watching gospel films.

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Through Watching a Movie, I Unexpectedly Welcomed Christ’s Return

I used to believe that to believe in God we cannot deviate from the Bible. But this movie changed my view and I unexpectedly welcomed the Lord Jesus’ return.

The Good News of the Gospel God Has Appeared and Worked in the East

This Is the Significance of God Appearing and Working in China

Why does God appear and work in China in the last days instead of in Israel? What is the significance of God choosing such a location for His work? This article will tell you the answers.

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Discerning Modern-Day Pharisees, I Followed God’s Footsteps

How should Christians discern modern-day Pharisees in the church to avoid being deceived and follow God’s footsteps? Please Read now.

Christians Control Their Anger

How Should Christians Control Their Anger? I Found the Way

I’m a Christian but often uncontrollably lost my temper and lived in sin. I didn’t know how to control my anger. Later I found the way.

Jesus Christ and His Disciples

Understanding the Meaning of the Holy Trinity, I Welcomed the Lord Jesus’ Return

What is the Trinity? What exactly is the relationship between Jehovah and Jesus? The author’s experience will reveal the mystery of the Trinity to you.