Only by Relying on God Can We Have Ways to Go

By Fudan, Africa

I come from Africa and I was born in a Catholic family. Now, I work as an engineer in a cement plant. Having sought the truth for several years, I had the privilege of accepting Almighty God’s work of the last days. From then on, I live a life of happiness. I read God’s words every day, always have meetings with brothers and sisters as well as perform my duty. I feel I get greatly watered in my spirit and gain a lot. What I especially thank God for is that God made me gain some knowledge of His authority through my practical experience of performing my duty.

rely on God, engineer

In early April 2017, a sister informed me that our church would hold an exchanging meeting online from 8:30pm to 11:30pm of 23th this month (EAT), and I was asked to share the testimony of my experience in the meeting. I knew this was an opportunity for me to cooperate with God to preach the gospel, testify to Him and repay His love. I felt so excited. However, when I was waiting to attend the meeting happily, something happened in my work unit: The porcelain kilns shut down ahead of schedule unexpectedly. As I work in a cement plant, my duty is to maintain the equipment. At usual time, the equipment is running all year round. Once it stops, that means we will have a large project to do. So we had been preparing for the large project which was planned to begin on April 24th. Two days before our exchanging meeting, I was asked to work on the night shift from 7pm of April 23th to 7am of 24th by my unit. So there was a clash between my work and our exchanging meeting, which made me feel very anxious. I did not know how I could make sure that I could attend the exchanging meeting and fulfill my duty in it, because I had to lead a group which is from South Africa and Germany to worksites to work and the crew are all newcomers. From 7pm to 9pm, I needed to work with them to ensure safety, prepare the workplace and collaborate with the construction team. Then I still had to do a lot of work: supervising those workers and making sure they could use the equipment properly, resolving the unexpected problems raised in the work so that the work could proceed as normal, providing enough producing materials, making sure they could be used rationally and checking the security. Besides, the workers would ask me whenever they met problems because only I was familiar with our unit’s requirements, and I had to explain to them. … Hence, I know clearly the heavy workload for this project. I also know it is important to share my experience in the exchanging meeting to testify about God to more brothers and sisters. I should not miss performing my duty because of my business. But how can I perform my duty properly under such a circumstance? It was a dilemma.

At that time, I thought of God’s words, “The work of God never waits for any that cannot keep pace with God, and the righteous disposition of God shows no mercy to any man.” So I hurried to find this passage of God’s words, wanting to understand more of God’s will. I saw God says, “I have already said to you all that I should say; the road that you choose shall be your decision to make. What you should understand is this: The work of God never waits for any that cannot keep pace with God, and the righteous disposition of God shows no mercy to any man” (“Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth”). God’s words guided me, making me even more assure that I should entrust my duty to Him, for He works so quickly, and I should choose to satisfy Him first.

Moreover, I thought of God’s words, “The more you cooperate in serving God, the more experience you will gain. Because you carry heavier burdens, because you experience more, hence you shall have more opportunities to be perfected. Therefore, if you can serve God with sincerity, then you shall be more mindful to God’s burden, and you shall have more opportunities to be perfected by God. Such a group of men are being perfected at this time. … If you do not seek out the opportunities to be perfected by God, if you do not fight for your chance to be perfected, then you will ultimately be filled with remorse. Now is the best opportunity to be perfected, this is the best time. If you do not earnestly seek perfection by God, after God’s work has concluded, it will be too late as you have missed this opportunity. No matter your aspirations, if God should no longer be performing work, regardless of the effort that you put in, you will no longer be able to attain it. You must seize this opportunity and cooperate, when the Holy Spirit is performing powerful work; if you should miss this opportunity, you will not be given another, no matter how much effort you put in” (“Mindful of God’s Will and Attain Perfection”).

From God’s words, I had a sensation of God’s love to me. God gave me a chance to cooperate with Him practically. Now is the time God does His end-time work and the golden opportunity for us to gain the truth by cooperating with Him and repay His love. This opportunity will not last too long. If I miss the golden opportunity, I will not be perfected afterward. Recalling when I believed in the Lord in the religion, I was confused by many questions, and always at a loss. But now, Almighty God has saved me by His clear words. He bestows on me plentiful life, gives me this rare opportunity of understanding the truth and being perfected and shows me a real way of life. I must testify to His salvation on me in the exchanging meeting, which is the job He has entrusted me with, not others. Performing the duty faithfully means standing witness; failing to perform the duty equates to losing the testimony. At that time, I knew clearly in my heart that was a spiritual war. God is looking at me, so I won’t disappoint Him. I thought: During my lifetime, I will try my best to perform my duty properly through every environment He has orchestrated for me. I can put off or refuse doing everything except my duty, which is Christians’ behavioral principle. Therefore, I resolved to attend the exchanging meeting no matter what would happen. However, I still did not know how to resolve these practical problems in my work. Therefore, I continued reading God’s word and a passage of God’s words helped me a lot.

God says, “Where you will go every day, what you will do, who or what you will encounter, what you will say, what will happen to you—can any of this be predicted? People cannot foresee all these occurrences, much less control how they develop …” (“God Himself, the Unique III”).

God’s words made me understand: We cannot foresee anything, much less control how they happen and develop. Only God can decide and control everything. The effects of our work do not depend on the effort of anyone completely. We should not give the credit to anyone for the work success. Whether there is someone injured in the course of the project and whether this project can be done well do not depend on our preparation. On the contrary, everything is decided by God. What I can do is to do everything that lies within my power. What’s more, whether our company can earn money, whether people are willing to buy our products, and whether our company can run regularly are all decided by God. So I should believe in His sovereignty and obey the environment He arranges for me. I want to be a smart person.

I remembered God has said, “One must use wisdom in every aspect and use wisdom to walk My perfect way. Those who conduct themselves by My word are the wisest of all and those who conduct themselves in accordance with My word are the most obedient” (“The Forty-ninth Utterance”). So I began to consider how to resolve this problem. In our unit, when the workers want to do something important, they will go to the hospital and tell the doctor they are ill, and then they ask the doctor to write a two-day sick leave note. Then they will talk with other colleagues, “Look! I’m ill. The doctor allows me to have a rest for two days.” In this way, they do not need to go to work. If I do so, I cannot find a person to take my place so quickly. Even if I can find one, he will have to work for 24 hours without cease, which will make him tired. Moreover, I do not want to lie. I said to myself, “No. It is not a wisdom.” I thought again: How about continuing to work after attending the meeting? Alas! It won’t do. All the members are newcomers. They have never gone to our worksites and they are not familiar with all things. I can hardly imagine such a scene when nineteen newcomers at a loss are waiting for me for three hours in a strange factory. Though I could not think of a good solution, due to the leadership of God’s words, I was willing to rely on God and await Him to reveal and prepare a perfect solution for me.

In a twinkling, it came to April 23th. In the morning, when I practiced my spiritual devotional, I listened to two hymns: “Rise Up, Cooperate With God” and “Marching on the Path of Loving God,” of which the lyrics greatly encouraged me: “Since I’ve chosen to love God, I will be faithful to the end. … To love God, we shouldn’t be restrained by anyone or anything. Let’s give up everything and be devoted to God, so that He can have rest earlier. …” Spurred by these lyrics, I wanted to shoulder my responsibility in my duty God had given me and testify to Him to more people in the exchanging meeting. This is what I should do as a created being and the expression of loving God. Thus, I prayed to God, “Oh, God! I know this environment is arranged by You and You hope I can practice the truth. I’m willing to stand witness for You, but I haven’t thought out a solution for my work. God, may You give me a way out. …” Just when I prayed, God gave me an idea. I couldn’t help saying, “I can go to the worksite earlier and try to prepare all the things before the exchanging meeting, and then I can attend the meeting and I will see how God leads me.”

That afternoon, I went to my unit to clock in at five thirty. I prayed to God secretly in my heart, “God, I want to attend the exchanging meeting of our church so that I can bear witness for You. Now I’m working here, but I have to leave at eight fifteen to attend the meeting, for I want to obey You first and I know everything is in Your hand. I’m willing to accept all the results in this environment.” So, at six, I went to the worksite and did the preparation for night shift with the construction team of day shift. At seven o’clock, I joined the construction team of night shift and all the work ran well. At usual time, there always occurred some unexpected problems which took several hours to resolve in the course of our work. But there were no problems this time and everything went well. The workers in the team said to me, “We’re professional and experienced. We can finish the eight-hour project within three hours and you don’t need to supervise us.” After hearing their words, I was very glad and felt that was God’s preparation. At eight twenty-five, I sat down in a small meeting room and attended the exchanging meeting of our church normally. During the whole meeting, I threw all of myself into it without being disturbed. The project ran smoothly, the workers did a good job without my supervision and the machine functioned properly without any breakdowns. In a word, everything went well. Besides, my internet connection was bad, but every brother and sister could hear clearly when I shared my testimony. These were all God’s wondrous deeds. From this experience, I understand that Almighty God rules over all living and non-living things. I praise God from the bottom of my heart.

In the following more than thirty days, there was still a clash between my work and meetings from 8:30pm to 11:30pm on Wednesday and Sunday. I knew the same way was applicable to my regular meetings. Of course, I felt it easier after that because I have seen God’s authority in my practical experience and tasted that all things function normally within His orchestration. Nothing is difficult with God’s presence. What I need to do is to obey God’s sovereignty and rely on Him to fulfill my duty.

Now, I have more faith in all things that I am going to do and I am no longer worried about anything because I know God commands everything and I have seen God’s sovereignty in these practical experiences. Thank God for arranging these environments for me within this month. I hope I can experience more and have more knowledge of Him and attain a love for Him and satisfy Him. Amen!

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