Finding a Job by Relying on God The Honest People Are Blessed by God

Finding a Job by Relying on God: The Honest People Are Blessed by God

I couldn’t find a job abroad in the beginning. When I relied on God and practiced being an honest person, I got a job and earned the appreciation of the restaurant owner.

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God Helped Me Find a Job That Was Perfectly Suitable for Me

I relied on my skills to search for a job, only to suffer setbacks again and again and end up gaining nothing. When I turned to God and relied on Him sincerely, God helped me find a job that was perfectly suitable for me.

A Christian’s Experience of Hunting Job

A Christian’s Experience of Hunting Job – Learning to Wait For God’s Perfect Time

By Liang Xin For a young person who is about to enter into society after graduation, the biggest trouble he has to face is job hunting. Indeed, there are many … Read More A Christian’s Experience of Hunting Job – Learning to Wait For God’s Perfect Time

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Without Greasing the Wheels, She Relied on God to Easily Resolve the Difficulty in Her Work

Will the one who doesn’t give leaders gifts be assigned to an undesirable company? The author of this article relies on God, doesn’t follow her colleagues in presenting gifts to their leaders, and she actually experiences a turn for the better in her work.

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How to Improve the Relationship With Colleagues as a Company’s Leader

As a company’s leader, I always unwillingly scold my colleagues at work, which results in bad interpersonal relationships. So how should I resolve this problem?

The Story of How I Get Along Harmoniously With My Competitor

In front of profits, my competitor and I became bitter enemies. It is God’s word that helps me find the way to get along harmoniously with her and allows us to become friends.


A Hairdresser’s Testimony: Doing Business With Integrity Is Blessed by God

She is a hairdresser. She once earned money by lying and cheating customers. Under God’s guidance, she did business with integrity and her business grew day by day.

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A Christian’s Gain From Being an Actress

Christian Xinying wanted to be an actress since she was little. When she began to act as a background actress, she was neglected by a director, so she felt very miserable. In the end, it was God who helped her escape the pain of struggling for fame and gain.

Christian Experience: How to Regain Friendship When Good Friend Becomes Competitor

My good friend got much industrial experience from me and became my competitor. Because of peer competition, I disliked her very much. It was God’s words that guided me to forgive her and regain friendship.


Christian Testimony: Not Taking Unfair Advantage, I Lived Out Integrity and Dignity

When I didn’t take unfair advantage and practiced the truth and being an honest person, I not only lived out integrity and dignity, but experienced that honest people were blessed by God.