I find the way to be free of the pain of spiritual emptiness

I Find the Way to Be Free of the Pain of Spiritual Emptiness

How are we supposed to free ourselves from the spiritual emptiness and the degenerate life and find a genuine life? I was so lost and befuddled before, but now I’ve found the answer.

How to Overcome Test Anxiety and Face the Exams Calmly

How did he overcome test anxiety and face the exams calmly? Let’s read the protagonist’s experience.

relying on God enables you to face important exams easily

Relying on God Enables You to Face Important Exams Easily

Under pressure from college entrance exam, he learned to rely on God so that he faced the exam easily and got good grades.

christian testimonie pursue meaningful life

Bidding Farewell to the Life of Following Celebrities and Pursuing a Meaningful Life

Once, the life of following celebrities caused her, a young girl, great torment both in body and soul. It is God’s word that saves her and leads her onto the right path in life. Please read her story.

Weight loss, weight scale

A Reflection on the Craze of Losing Weight

Excessive losing weight brings man great harm. So why do so many people who are not that fat try to lose weight? Is a slim figure really beautiful?

Quit Gambling Addiction

How I Successfully Quit a 20-Year Gambling Addiction

Christian Xiaoliang had a two-decade gambling addiction, but was miraculously able to give it up. How did he succeed?


Tearing Off the Mask, I Live a Happy Life

Following social trends, we fight for fame and fortune, and unknowingly live under a facade. The forced smiles can’t cover the emptiness and torment in our heart. Where exactly is happiness? This article will show you the answer.

Himalayas, Everest

Reflections on Dead Body Landmarks on Mt. Everest

Climbing Mount Everest is extremely dangerous, and it has been the death of many. But what force is it that provokes these people to take up the unusual challenge, even at the cost of sacrificing their lives?

Only God Can Save the Youngsters

Only God Can Save the Youngsters Who Are Squandering Their Youth

Under the influence of unhealthy practices in society, many young people follow worldly trends to squander their youth. Who can save those youngsters? You can find the answer in this article.


My Life Is No Longer Filled With Emptiness After I Believe in God

Why is my life so empty? After I come to believe in God, I understand the root cause of my emptiness, and I find the path to resolve it.