Return to God

Find the Way to the Kingdom of Heaven
Letting Go of My Notion and Seeking Humbly, I Find the Way to the Kingdom of Heaven
Finding a Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work and Returning to God’s House
Finding a Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work and Returning to God’s House
christian listens to preach on the internet
Christian Testimony: My 40-Year Wish to Be Raptured Was Finally Fulfilled
I Find the Way to Be Free From Sin and No Longer Feel Distressed

Spiritual Warfare

A Christian’s Testimony: How Should We Deal With Satan’s Temptations on the Way to Welcome the Lord?
Seeing Through the Facts, I Have Discernment of the CCP’s Rumors
Why Is There Always Something Getting in the Way of My Gatherings? I Come to Know This Is Satan’s Interference
Testimony of a 12-Year-Old Christian Overcoming Satan’s Disturbance
My Experience of Spiritual Warfare Was God’s Blessing in Disguise
God’s Word Led me to See Through Religious Leaders’ Substance

Marriage & Family

God guided her through pain of marriage-s collapse
God Guided Her Through the Pain of Her Marriage’s Collapse
Couple talk happily
Since Gaining Faith, Our Problem With Quarreling Has Been Resolved
Marriage Breakdown
How Did a Christian Get Over a Marriage Breakdown?
No Longer Longing for Romantic Love, I Gain a Happy Marriage

Children’s Education

Mom and daughter are very happy
I Have Found the Right Way to Help My Extremely Shy Child
Parents and children
After She Relied on God to Educate Her Son, Everything Became Easy
Mom and daughter reading books
It’s Great to Teach Children According to God’s Words
Test into a key university
Daughter’s Depression Is Cured Due to Change in Educational Way

Christians in the Workplace

Finding a Job by Relying on God: The Honest People Are Blessed by God
God Helped Me Find a Job That Was Perfectly Suitable for Me
A Christian’s Experience of Hunting Job - Learning to Wait For God's Perfect Time
Without Greasing the Wheels, She Relied on God to Easily Resolve the Difficulty in Her Work
A Hairdresser’s Testimony: Doing Business With Integrity Is Blessed by God
Christian Testimony: Not Taking Unfair Advantage, I Lived Out Integrity and Dignity

Church Life

accident awakens me to importance of attending meeting
An Accident Awakens Me to the Great Importance of Attending Meetings
Christian Reading the Word of God by the window
I Have Seen God’s Blessings in Spreading the Gospel by Relying on Him
Christian traffic God's words
How Not to Be Constrained in Gatherings
take phone
Battles Before a Meeting

God’s Protection

A Christian praying to God
Healing Testimony: Experiencing God’s Salvation When I Was Afflicted by Cancers
Healing Testimony
Healing Testimony: After a Snakebite …
Kidnapped When Seven Months Pregnant, God’s Protection Saves Her From Danger
An Unexpected Miracle: My Daughter Survived a Cerebral Hemorrhage

Perception of Life

I Find the Way to Be Free of the Pain of Spiritual Emptiness
Relying on God Enables You to Face Important Exams Easily
Bidding Farewell to the Life of Following Celebrities and Pursuing a Meaningful Life
How I Successfully Quit a 20-Year Gambling Addiction
Only God Can Save the Youngsters Who Are Squandering Their Youth
Escaping the Spiritual Emptiness, I Find Direction in Life

Christian Persecution

a Christian is thinking about a problem
A Christian’s Testimony: Robbed of Four Years, Accompanied by God’s Love
Persecution of Christians
The CCP Government's Suppression and Persecution of Christians in House Churches: Ironclad Proof
Take Up Cross to Go on Spreading Gospel for Lord
60-year-old Christian Runs Away With Paralyzed Husband-1
60-year-old Christian Runs Away With Paralyzed Husband