Thought-provoking Subsequent News About Colombia Mudslides

On April 11, eleven days have passed following heavy casualties from Colombia mudslides. At present, Colombian authorities release the information that the sudden catastrophic mudslides have resulted in the death of 316 people in total, including more than one hundred […]

Do You Know the Unknown Significance Behind Easter?

Hanxiao Easter is known to every Christian, and it originated from the Lord Jesus’ resurrection and ascension three days after His crucifixion. Christians observe the feast of Easter to commemorate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, so Easter occurs between […]

The Diverse Meanings of the Lord Jesus’ Resurrection

Caojie One day, I turned on my computer and opened a web page casually. An exquisite egg caught my eye, beneath which there were some lilies and a rabbit made of chocolate. It turned out that Easter was coming soon. […]

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