Overcoming the CCP’s Cruel Persecution by Relying on God – Christian Persecution Testimonies

By Zhang Kai

In 1998, I was fortunate to accept Almighty God’s work of the last days. Through seeking and investigating, I knew that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus who has come back and Almighty God is the only true God who created the heavens and earth and everything. I performed my duty in the church soon.

After Being Arrested in Spreading the Gospel, I Prayed to God and the Vital Materials Were Not Searched Out

In December 2012, I was responsible for the gospel work of the church and spread the gospel with brothers and sisters. Thanks to God’s blessings, the great number of new believers returned to God’s house. Seeing the unprecedented splendor, I offered my thanks and praises to God from my heart. However, the Chinese Communist government has an extreme hatred of God’s work. It obstructs God’s gospel work extremely. It persecutes and arrests the believers crazily and arbitrarily, and it overwhelmingly carries out big blanket manhunts of the Church of Almighty God. It is the vain hope of the CCP to abolish God’s work.

Overcoming the CCP’s Cruel Persecution by Relying on God - Christian Persecution Testimonies

One day, I made an appointment with co-workers. I didn’t know that an arrested sister had known the address of this host family until I arrived there. So we moved urgently to another host family that was in the suburbs. The next morning, I heard the brother of the host family saying that the CCP would carry out total arrest of the believers in Almighty God in their village. So we went to a remote host family again. For some reason, in the evening we moved to an old sister’s home which was in town. At about 10 p.m., we had communicated just for over an hour. Suddenly there came a hurried knocking at the gate and someone shouted: “Open the gate! Open the gate! …” The shouting was getting louder and louder. We realized that the police were coming. We hided books and the name list of potential believers quickly, and then we hided ourselves in the opposite wing-room. We planned to run up the stairs to the roof and escape. At the moment, through the curtain I saw some people’s shadows swaying on the roof of the principal room. I realized that the house had already been surrounded by police. And then I prayed to God quietly: “O, God! Today that the environment happens to me is Your permission, but I am very nervous. Please watch over and protect my heart to be quiet before You and to depend on You to experience this environment.” After praying, I wasn’t much too nervous. The old sister let us hide in the cellar quickly. The cellar was so small that it only contained four people. One sister insisted on staying outside to safeguard our surroundings. When we entered into the cellar, I heard the police persistently shouting: “Where are they?” Hearing their shouting, my heart thumped, so I continuously called out to God. At this time, I remembered God’s words: “You should know that all things in the environment around you are there by My permission, I arrange it all. See clearly and satisfy My heart in the environment I have given to you. Do not fear, Almighty God of hosts will surely be with you; He has your back and He is your Shield” (“The Twenty-sixth utterance”). God’s words quieted my heart gradually. I thought: This gang of police come prepared. If I am arrested today, it is also God’s permission. I don’t have enough stature, but I would like to depend on God to stand firm in my testimony before Satan. At such times, I heard a herd of police calling loudly: “Where are they?” I felt they walked towards the cellar. At a result, the lid of the cellar was lifted by a policeman. He shouted at us fiercely: “Come out! Come out quickly!” We had to come out from the cellar. There was a policeman in his thirties standing at the entrance of the cellar and five policemen standing in the doorway, and two of them were policewomen. One policeman in his forties pointed and shouted at us: “Stand in a row! Stand still!” Afterward, two policewomen searched us forcibly. Nothing was found. Several policemen came in from outside and whispered to these policemen in the room. Then they walked inside and outside of the room. At this time, I got worried and afraid. I was afraid that the police would find our things that we hided in the kitchen and parlor. Once our things were found, a great loss would be brought to God’s household, and the things would be the evidence that we were arrested by police. So I continuously called out to God in my heart: “O God! The police are always like bandits. They are rummaging for our things in the house. I’m worried about my bag in which there are some important things—my notebook on which there are the number of potential believers, addresses of churches and the name list of everyday arrested brothers and sisters. If they are found by police, this will damage the work of God’s household. May You watch over and protect us.” Subsequently, I recalled God’s words: “Of everything that occurs in the universe, there is nothing that I do not have the final say in. What exists that is not in My hands?” (“The First Utterance”). God’s words strengthened my faith and gave me power. I believed that everything is controlled by God’s hands, and whether the things we hided were searched out, God has the final word. With the enlightenment of God’s words, I was not afraid anymore. The police rummaged for twenty minutes inside and outside of the house, then handcuffed brothers and sisters as well as me, and sent us to the police cars. In the car, I was not allowed to move. Two policemen who sat by my sides respectively pressed my shoulders. At that time, I was most worried whether the things as well as my bag were searched out or not. I watched every people coming out from the host family, and noticed whether someone held my bag. Through the car window, I saw several sisters being sent to the police cars at the back. When everyone came out from the house, I found that nobody held my bag. Now I breathed a sigh of relief, and thanked God for His protection. The things escaped the police’s search, and my faith in God got stronger.

With Wisdom I Destroyed the Paper With Phone Numbers

About over ten minutes later, police cars arrived at the County Public Security Bureau. Getting out of the car, I was first to be sent into the office block. Suddenly, I remembered that before I was arrested a sister handed me a paper with phone numbers on it, which was just in my pocket. Thanks to God’s protection, it was not searched out. Now I could never allow these phone numbers to fall into the evil police’s hand, and never allow them to be a clue to arresting my brothers and sisters. So I kept calling out to God in my heart, asking Him to help me think of a way to destroy the paper. When they sent me through a hall, I saw there were toilets in the hall. I knew it was God’s arrangement. Then I said to a policewoman: “I want to use the toilet.” The policewoman took me to the toilet impatiently, stood at the entrance of the toilet, and watched me. I pretended to pull toilet-paper out of my pocket, and took the opportunity to pull out the paper with phone numbers. And then I threw it into the toilet. At this moment, I felt assured. Thank God for His protection. Coming out from the toilet, I was taken into the office of the chief of the County Public Security Bureau. As soon as I walked into the office, several men came in with cameras on their shoulders, took photos and made records of me directly. Afterward, the short fat chief ordered the policewoman to undress me and search me. At last, there was nothing to be found. Thank God for having guided me to get rid of the paper with phone numbers in advance. Otherwise the consequence was terrible.

Physically and Mentally Damaged During Interrogation in PPSD, I Grew More Resolute

At about twelve o’clock at night, two policemen cuffed my hands behind my back and sent me to a car. The car drove on the expressway. I didn’t know where they sent me. With the car’s jolting, the handcuffs got more and more tight. It seemed to be embedded into my wrists. I ached unbearably. The CCP ravaged brothers and sisters’ bodies and minds with its despicable and malicious means all along. The CCP injects brothers and sisters with drugs and subsequently makes them schizophrenic, even become vegetable. The CCP is so brutal and I didn’t know what despicable means would be used to ravage me. Worries and fear filled my heart, and then I prayed to God without cease. At the moment, I thought of God’s words: “Be not afraid; with My support, who could ever block the road?” (“The Tenth Utterance”). “Today everyone will have bitter trials to face, otherwise the loving heart you have for Me will not grow stronger and you will not have true love for Me. Even if it is just minor circumstances, everyone must get through them, it’s just that they differ to some degree. The circumstance is one of My blessings” (“The Forty-first Utterance”). God’s words strengthened my faith and gave me power. I felt much assured immediately. I was not afraid and I would like to obey God’s sovereignty. One hour later, the car stopped in the yard of XX Provincial Public Security Department. Getting out of the car, I was taken into an interrogation room on the first floor of the department by two policemen. They unlocked the handcuffs behind my back. There were two red gashes on my wrists, which had no aesthesia already. And then the policemen pulled my arms toughly and pressed me onto the torture-rack, and put cuffs on both my ankles and wrists. I didn’t know what cruel torture I was going to face. I prayed to God continuously in my heart. Half an hour later, a woman in her fifties came in. She said to me hypocritically: “Where are you from? How old are you? How old is your child?” I didn’t pay attention to her. She continued: “We are all women. Nothing is more important than taking good care of family and children for us. So don’t be stupid. Within our age range we have parents and children. Why don’t you stay at home? Look! It is due to believing in God that you are in such a plight. How unworthy! Why do you bear the pain?” I thought: “Faith in God is heaven’s law and earth’s principle for everyone. Someone who doesn’t believe in God or fulfill his duty is not qualified to be a man. It is worthy and meaningful to endure bitters for faith in God. The bitters are also God’s blessings. Our fates are in the palm of God’s hand. No one can take care of his children or families well. It is only God who can make it. You resist God, and tempt me to resist God too. How despicable!” Without my paying attention to her, she went out crestfallenly.

Later on, the policemen interrogated me about my name and home address. I was silent all along. One evil policeman burst into a rage, hit the desk and shouted to me: “Where on earth are you from? Say or not?” I was still silent. At the moment, that policeman in his thirties fiercely rushed direct before me and gave several punches at the middle of my chest. At once, the pain in my chest was more than I could bear and almost stifled me. He still shouted at me: “Say it! What are you doing here? Who send you here in your church? Whom do you keep in contact with?” They saw that I didn’t say one word and then gave several fierce kicks at my legs. Then he seized my hair and gave me three or four slaps on both checks. Immediately my checks were in searing pain. While slapping me, he abused: “Where are you from? Do you want to revolt? How dare you come to Qinghai City to spread the gospel?” I still kept silent. Seeing this, they unlocked my handcuffs, wrapped my wrists in towels, and then cuffed me again. They pulled my handcuff rings and lifted them up to the highest, then they suddenly slapped the handcuffs on me with all their might. At once, my wrists were painful and almost broken. My face unceasingly sweated with pain, but they had a hearty laugh about this. They didn’t get what they wanted from me, so they got exasperated and then pulled me out of the torture-rack. “Don’t expect to continue sitting on the chair. Uh! You will suffer a lot!” One of them howled and pressed me onto the wall. He punched me and kicked my legs violently. I still didn’t say a word. He said to me fiercely: “Up against the wall!” Then he went out, leaving two policemen watching me. My feet and legs swelled up. I ached all over, and had stood for over one hour. I could hardly hold on, so I tried to crouch for a rest. “Stand still! Don’t expect to rest!” they shouted to me. The night before, in order to evade the CCP’s arrest, I couldn’t have a sleep at the host family. I was sleepy now. But hardly had I closed my eyes when they began shouting to me. “Open your eyes! Wanna sleep? No way! Look at the front!” Seeing these evil policemen’s malicious means, I was full of indignation. I thought: “God created us. He deserves to be believed in and worshiped. We spread the gospel so as to bear witness for Him and cooperate with His work of salvation. We are walking on the right road. Why do we suffer the CCP’s persecution and such cruel torment?” I thought of Almighty God’s words: “For thousands of years this has been the land of filth, it is unbearably dirty, misery abounds, ghosts roam its every corner, tricking and deceiving, making groundless accusations, being ruthless and vicious, trampling this ghost town and leaving it littered with dead bodies; the stench of decay covers the land and pervades the air, and it is heavily guarded. … Forefathers of the ancient? Beloved leaders? They all oppose God! Their meddling has left all beneath heaven in a state of darkness and chaos! Religious freedom? The legitimate rights and interests of citizens? They are all tricks for covering up sin!” (“Work and Entry (8)”).

Almighty God’s words reveal the CCP’s evil essence that hates the truth and resists God. It is born hating God and being hostile to God. It doesn’t permit the existence of God and doesn’t permit people to believe in God and follow God. It is the vain hope of it to put all believers in God into prison and force them to deny and betray God with its ravage and then make them believe in and follow itself. Its ends are to control and devour people and at last it as well as people is perished by God together. Now it continues to profess “the freedom of religious belief”, but it persecutes and ravages believers madly in secret. It desires earnestly to kill all believers and drive God out of the earth so as to build a godless realm. The CCP is really despicable and evil. Now I really hate it from my heart. It wanted to ravage my will by torturing my body and then make me betray God. However, under the guidance of God’s words, I saw clearly the CCP’s devil face and then my will to satisfy God was strengthened. At that time, a hymn of God’s words arose in my mind. “If you truly love God, and do not satisfy the flesh, then you’ll see that everything God does is so right, and so good…” (“Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs”). Through God’s words, I understood that God used this environment to give my will to betray my flesh. And the environment constrained me to come before God, pray to God, depend on God and draw close to God more. In the environment, I had seen God’s wisdom and almightiness as well as God’s words’ power and authority. This was God’s practical love and salvation for me. Enjoying the provision of God’s words, I wasn’t in pain anymore. Afterward, a policeman ordered me to sit on the torture-rack. Seeing God’s wonderful deeds, I was full of thanks and praises to God in my heart. I believed that God is almighty and everything is in God’s hands. And there was God’s permission, no matter how the evil policemen treated me the next day. I had confidence to betray my flesh, and to satisfy God.

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