An Ill-fated Lady Has Finally Found the Light

With the viewpoint that “one’s destiny is in his own hand,” I had struggled for many years but still lived a very miserable life. Not until I found the source of my suffering after I turned back to God did I live in the light.


Yearn for the Lord Coming a “Cloud”, Finally Meet With Him

When we still yearn for the Lord’s coming with clouds to raise us up into the kingdom of heaven, she has already welcomed the second coming of Jesus.

The End-time Salvation Through App1

The End-time Salvation Through App Brought Him Into the Land of Canaan

Brother Liu contracted projects everywhere, busied himself with fleshly things, and he felt empty in spirit. But most recently, his spiritual state is greatly different from before, Because the end-time salvation through app has brought him into the land of Canaan.

The Lord Jesus Has Returned

The Lord Jesus Has Returned

All prophecies of the second coming of the Lord have been fulfilled, and many Christians are watching and waiting for the second coming of the Lord. In which way does the Lord come? How should we welcome the appearance of the Lord?

Testimony to 18-year-old Christian’s True Repentance

Understanding the Way in Which the Lord Comes: I Welcome His Return

From disobedience and hindrance to God’s work to acceptance of His work, how did an 18-year-old Christian see through the rumors? This article tells us her repentance testimony of returning to God.


A Catholic’s Testimony: I Regained the Joy of Being With God Finally!

The church once prospered are desolate, I felt hungry and pain in my spirit. However, a bible study made my spiritual life turn for the better, and helped me regain the joy of being with God.

The Northern Drifter Finally Found the Real Home

The Northern Drifter Finally Found the Real Home

After resignation, her boyfriend dumped her. Her hopes were dashed to pieces. But God’s words rescued her from the brink of despair and she found the real home.

God Has Been Waiting for My Return

God Has Been Waiting for My Return

As a rebellious man, I left God because I wanted to seek more fun in the world, but He didn’t give up on me and has been waiting for my return.

In Sixty, I Found the Real Happy Life

I strived for better life for 60 years, but to no avail. Fortunately, I heard the voice of God and found the real happy life.

My Happiness Rests in God's Sovereignty

My Happiness Rests in God’s Sovereignty

What had happened these years told her that she was unable to be happy by herself. When she returned to God and knew His sovereignty, she got the true happiness.