Film Review: Faith in God – Difficulties Can Be Overcome With the Truth

By Xiaocao, France

Faith in God,” the film I introduce today, has won the gold medal for the best feature film and the best Documentary in several film festivals. This is a vast significant Christian Film, telling a story of a Christian Yu Congguang. He is hunted by the CCP police on his way to preaching the gospel. During his run he meets Zheng Xun and others from a house church. Later, they have a meeting in a thatched cottage on the hill. Then the confusions Zheng Xun and others have had during all these years of faith are resolved by the fellowship of Yu Congguang. Therefore, Zheng Xun and others start to investigate God’s work in the last days. When their elder knows this, he begins to wildly seal off the church, disturb those who investigate, and even collude with the police to arrest Yu Congguang. However, based on his faith, Yu Congguang still goes on spreading the gospel at the risk of being arrested at any time. Finally, the film ends with Zheng Xun and others following the footsteps of the Lamb and understanding the true meaning of faith in God. The story is adventurous and moving!

From the film we can see it is not the first time that Yu Congguang has been hunted, and that he has been imprisoned before. Even though he is experienced and run up onto the mountain, this time he still can’t escape from the full-scale sweep of the police. Owing to running too fast, he accidentally drops into a deep hole covered by thick plants. Fortunately, he escapes the search and is saved by Zheng Xun and his family, who are going to have a meeting in the thatched cottage. Then they, like old friends from the start, get there together.

Through the fellowship of Yu Congguang, Zheng Xun and others gain sustenance, and even the confusions they have had during all these years of faith are resolved. Such kind of spiritual supply and harmonious scene reflect that Yu Congguang and others are all true believers in God. Particularly, the words said by Yu Congguang, such as “This is all due to God’s protection!” and “Praise God! You know the police are after me, but you still took the risk of receiving me. This really is the love of God coming down to me. This has also made me realize that everything is in God’s hands,” also embody his allegiance to God. But what is it that encourages him to firmly follow God and calmly sits in the thatched cottage to have the meeting when facing persecution and arrest? This really deserves our consideration! It has been learned that in recent years, the CCP government has set off a surging tide of demolishing the churches and crosses forcedly and has wantonly arrested Christians, pushing the Christians in China into the darkest and hardest time. But unexpectedly, no matter how the CCP government arrests and persecutes Christians, there are still many arising. Obviously, Yu Congguang is one sample of these Christians. Throughout history, it is because these Christians and missionaries who had true faith in God completed the mission of love without regard for anything else that God’s gospel has been spread across the world. They are indeed admirable!

fellowship, brothers and sisters

In the conversation, Wang Yongyi, an old believer who did three years in prison, first puts forward a question, “The evil behavior of the CCP really makes people enraged with hatred! However, in the Bible, Paul says we should obey those in authority. I don’t understand this. How should we treat the CCP regime?” Others also express their views. Some say the CCP is from God, so they must follow; some say they can’t follow it, but they are unable to clarify the reasons. However, Yu Congguang analyzes and dissects clearly this problem through integrating historical background. Thus the others’ confusions are all resolved and they gain a lot from Yu Congguang’s fellowship. This should be the true reason why he can firmly believe in God even if facing the danger of being persecuted, being arrested and being imprisoned, and even death. Just as what he says, “The CCP is the evil satanic regime that most hates the truth and hates God. It is a devilish organization that resists God! The CCP’s ruling is Satan’s ruling.” The reason why he can differentiate between love and hate is because he has seen through the CCP’s essence of hating the truth and resisting God.

Right when they are deep in conversation, Zheng Xun’s father runs here, and pants out a message, “The police haven’t caught Yu Congguang, and are going to continue searching the mountain.” Thereupon, they have to leave.

On a dark night, light rain patteringA few days later, the news that Yu Congguang is testifying God’s work in the last days reaches to Elder Sun’s ears. On a dark night, light rain pattering, Zheng Xun and Wang Yongyi are walking on the way to the church, wondering why Elder Sun is so anxious to gather them. Their words reveal Elder Sun’s hostile attitude to the Church of Almighty God.

Afterward, Elder Sun indeed declares himself: Don’t go on listening to the fellowship of Yu Congguang. However, Zheng Xun and others consider that given now the church is desolate, and there is God’s guidance in the fellowship of Yu Congguang, they hope the elder can lead them to investigate Eastern Lightning. But Elder Sun doesn’t agree in any way and even condemns Eastern Lightning. After a debate, as having no truth, Elder Sun leaves in a rage, followed by his two followers. When getting home, Elder Sun threatens to kick out Zheng Xun and turn Yu Congguang over to the police. This action brings the film to a climax. Yu Congguang is not only the one to be arrested by the police, but the thorn in Elder Sun’s eyes.

On the second day, Elder Sun takes people to search door-to-door for Yu Congguang. Thanks to the timely information of a church friend, Yu Congguang is sent to lodge with Zheng Xun’s unbelieving uncle, thus escaping from it.

In the night, Yu Congguang tosses and turns in bed and can’t fall asleep. A series of flashbacks convey that Yu Congguang is thinking the whole process of encounter with Zheng Xun and others. Their eyes thirsty for God’s words touch his heart most. From the prayer of Yu Congguang, it can be seen that he has a heart of seeking and obeying God, and that he has also seen through the essence of Elder Sun and the rest. Although he has fear in his heart and doesn’t know how to walk the path that lies ahead, after reading Almighty God’s words, he understands that: As a Christian, I have a mission to spread the gospel. It is due to God’s miraculous arrangements that I come here, so no matter how dangerous it will be, I’m willing to stay here and fellowship with Zheng Xun and others.

the policeIt is worth celebrating that several days later, Zheng Xun and others find a relatively safe place to gather. This time they open up their discussion on the questions of how to treat the Bible and how to treat the words of Paul in believing God. After Yu Congguang reads the words of Almighty God, their confusions and problems are all solved. At the same time, Elder Sun is convening a meeting of believers to obstruct people from investigating God’s work of the last days; Goudan, in order to get a reward, secretly sends messages to the elder; after a while, Elder Sun, taking the police, hurries to the basement to arrest Yu Congguang and the rest. Brought into tension by these scenes of carrying out the capture, the audience are all in sweat for Yu Congguang and the rest. Fortunately, Goudan’s aunt, who is late for the gathering due to going to the hospital, on her way there finds Goudan is reporting. She hurries to inform Zheng Xun and others. As a result, when the police get there, they don’t find anyone. This plot is arranged reasonably and is appealing.

Subsequently, as pressed closely at every step by the CCP, Yu Congguang and others have no choice but to gather in a cave. This time, they, definitely, go on fellowshiping about the topic some co-workers put forward last time: What does it mean to have true faith in God and how can our faith gain God’s approval? In the end, Zheng Xun and the rest clearly understand through listening to the fellowship and experiences and testimonies. The words, “If we do not experience God’s judgment or chastisement in the last days, we will not understand the truth or know God, even if we remain in the religious community and believe in the Lord our entire lives. What’s more, we definitely will not be able to change our life disposition, achieve purification, or obtain salvation,” show that they have found the true path of entering into the heavenly kingdom, and understood the true meaning of faith in God. It is truly as God says, “True faith in God means experiencing the words and work of God based on a belief that God holds sovereignty over all things. So you shall be freed of your corrupt disposition, shall fulfill the desire of God, and shall come to know God. Only through such a journey can you be said to believe in God.” These words also stick to the topic and echoes with the title “Faith In God,” making the audience understand the truth while appreciating the film.

In the film, Yu Congguang is undaunted in the face of peril, not caring whether he lives or dies, which is worthy of our deep thought. It must be said, his faith is exactly what a Christian need have. Yu Congguang also represents the Christians like him, who are arising like mushrooms. No matter in which age, the path of faith in God is always with persecutions. The Bible records, “The whole world lies in wickedness” (1 John 5:19). The whole world is dark and evil. To be persecuted for believing in God is the path that must be taken by those who would enter into the kingdom of heaven. Only through refinement, can we have the faith; only when having the faith, can we have the strength of not fearing dark influences. I think this is what the film wants to convey to us. The snow appearing in the ending of the film implies that although the way of faith in God is tough, yet, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

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