Review of Exploration of the “Trinity”: Unveiling the Truth of the “Triune God”

By Zhao Ming, Czech Republic

Ironclad Proofs—Exploration of the “Trinity” is a movie that belongs to the kind of dispelling doubts. It takes exploring the “Trinity” as the main thread to go deep into the view “God is a trinity” that the religious world always discusses and preaches, and dispels doubts for those who aren’t clear about the truth of “Trinity.” These luminous points make it a must-see to Christians.

The hero Li Zheng believes in God with his family from his childhood. In his youth, he isn’t clear about the meaning of the saying “God is a trinity” that the pastor often talks about. He searches it from youth to middle age, but he fails to find anyone who is able to make a clear explanation. Not until his niece appears does he get the answer through her.

A few shots at the beginning simply show the background of the movie. Li Zheng seeks many people what the saying “God is a trinity” means, but without result. Later on, a believer asks Li Zheng the same question and his answer gives audience an explanation: As to the “Triune God,” it is a great mystery! We can never explain it clearly by man’s wisdom.

Over time, Li Zheng’s niece Wenjun who has accepted Eastern Lightning takes her co-worker Xia Tong to testify God’s work of the last days to him. However, Li Zheng who deems the Lord hasn’t come back absolutely can’t accept it.

Having experienced a lot of difficulties, Li Zheng tastes much bitterness. He never expects that his son also accepts Eastern Lightning. After several times of persuading, Li Zheng hears the mystery of “Trinity” has been unveiled, which makes him feel excited in his heart, but on the other hand, he doesn’t believe there is someone who can explain it clearly. Though Li Zheng doesn’t believe that, he still sits down and listens to them out of curiosity because this is the question he most wants to make clear.

To make clear one problem needs to dissect it from the source little by little. Wenjun speaks out the origin of the saying “Trinity”: In the Council of Nicaea in AD 300s, the religionists from different countries got into a fierce argument about God’s unicity and multiplicity. Finally, according to man’s imaginations and logic, they established the saying of “Triune God.” Wenjun also sheds light on her view: There is no saying of “Trinity” in the Bible. If the Lord Jesus calls the Spirit in heaven by the name of Father, and if the believers also do the same, then what should the believers call the Lord Jesus? What should they call the Holy Spirit? If the “Trinity” is right, it is obvious that there are three Gods. In that case, God is not the only God. Since God is the only God, we should not say that there is the distinction of Father and Son. The explanation of Wenjun counters the view of religious people, which is also the fact that can’t be accepted by most of them. After Li Zheng hears Wenjun’s fellowship, though from the depth of his heart he thinks that some words have a point, yet without exception, he also can’t accept the viewpoint of Wenjun. So, before Wen Jun and her partner finish their words, he walks off. Facing the “Triune God,” some people have doubt while some are certain about it. This is really a subject that is worthy to make it clear by argument.

Facing such a great blow, Li Zheng tosses and turns at night. The fierce battle within him is completely described by several playback scenes. On the second day, when Li Zheng’s son hears his unacceptable word, he persuades his father in tears, mentioning how Li Zheng educated him to walk the path of faith in God when he was young; how does Li Zheng set up an example now? Here, several sentences reflect a common problem of man’s humanity. That is, people can easily find others walk the wrong path and even can timely help them to correct it, but when they themselves walk the wrong path, they can’t realize it. Just as the saying goes, “Standers-by see more than gamesters.” However, different ones have different outcomes. Some can’t accept others’ advice, and stubbornly walk their own path, which will conceivably lead to the result of “going south by driving the chariot north.” Whereas, some can put themselves aside to accept others’ advice, and timely put aside their wrong views and correct their mistakes. And these people are the wise. In the movie, the hero Li Zheng obviously chooses the latter and accepts his son’s advice.

Then, they four continue to fellowship. Almighty God’s word systematically reveals the mystery of “Trinity” and gives Li Zheng a convincing answer. He thoroughly understands the truth of the saying “Trinity.” The answer that he has sought for most of his life is eventually found. He suddenly sees the light. At the same time, Li Zheng is aware of the fact that only God Himself can reveal this truth; what he accepts is precisely the appearance and utterance of God.

At the end of the movie, the director used two stereotyped plots to focus on describing the change of Li Zheng’s attitude toward Eastern Lightning and his love of God’s word. One is that he reads God’s word till the day break. Another is that he, when being tired, would rather take a rest on the desk than put down The Word Appears in the Flesh to have a sleep. He loves God’s word even to the point of forgetting food and sleep. What follows is an impressive prayer; from the words he prays and the tearful repentance we can see he hates himself for being unable to believe in God properly. Finally, he brings before God over two thousand believers in the church and leads them to accept God’s work of the last days in order to comfort God’s heart.

What comforts people most in this movie is that the hero finally finds the answer to his question which has perplexed him for half of his life. What on earth does the saying, “God is a trinity,” mean? Now, the truth has been unveiled. This also brings the gospel to countless Christians who are bothered by the mystery. If you have a doubt about it too, or want to know what it is all about, then never miss the chance to see this movie.

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