The Transformation of a Young Addict – My Reflections on the Christian Gospel Movie Child, Come Back Home!

By Xiao Ai

In the 21st century, with the development of the Network Age, more and more people begin to be addicted to virtual world, unable to free themselves from it. Because of it, there are so many people who have wasted their time and lost their ability in life. They are incapable of living in the real world, and finally head for darkness with the result of death. Moreover, this phenomenon has developed into a type of social phenomenon. Many people fall in network and yet have no way to extricate themselves, which brings unrelieved misery to themselves and their family, and hidden dangers to the whole society.

After coming back home from work last night, I saw a short film on YouTube. It described the parents of a child had no way out but to send their child addicted to network to a network rehabilitation center with high charges. However, after his stay in the center for less than twenty-four hours, he was beaten to death by his drillmaster. Faced with their son’s sudden death, the parents in the film wept, sobbing their heart out … When seeing this, I was so much indignant that I turned off the film. I couldn’t help having a pang of heartache, and the words “Internet addiction” unceasingly resounded in my mind.

I then thought that there are some people around me like that. They indulge themselves in network and cannot keep far away from it. Some of them lose the ability of living. There is no lack of such people who lost their lives. As the times develop to today, science is advanced, computers are taken to thousands upon thousands of families, and Internet shortens the distance between people. But at the same time, network also brings more dangers to people. After thinking of this, I continued to search on the Internet to get more information about it. In the search results, I found a film “Child, Come Back Home!”. With a curious mind, I clicked on and watched it. The film described the boy Li Xinguang with Internet addiction had the same behavior as countless children indulged in network do, such as cutting classes, staying in the Internet bars, spending the nights outside, and so on. Obviously, these things have become a label of those young addicts. Since indulging in network, Li Xinguang was not clever and sensible as before, but became fidgety and indifferent, and his marks suffered a disastrous decline. It was impossible to count how many times his parents tore him out of the Internet bars and took him back home. His parents’ beating him, scolding him, and even sending him to a closed school—none of them worked.

Xinguang’s parents didn’t understand why their clever, sensible and idealistic son seemed to be a different boy after getting into network. He no longer understood his parents’ hearts, nor did he learn to make progress. Except for online games, nothing could hold his interest. Facing such a sudden change in Xinguang, his parents had no way to deal with it. The family had to be tormented with pain. However, as the plot moved forward, Xinguang’s parents accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days. Through reading Almighty God’s words, they understood that Internet addiction completely is a method with which Satan corrupts and damages man, and that Satan attempts to do harm to the lives of the younger generation by online games. After knowing this, Xinguang’s parents eagerly desired to bring him before God. After going through fierce battles again and again, Xinguang finally saw through the harm brought by online games by reading Almighty God’s words, praying to Almighty God, and hearing the brothers and sisters in the Church of Almighty God share their testimonies of experiences about giving up Internet addiction. Under the guidance of God’s words, he made a success in giving up Internet addiction by praying to and relying on God. Such a child came back home in the end who got addicted to online games and often wandered among Internet bars.

After watching this film, I still recalled what I had seen from it. Though it shares the same theme with those other films about Internet addiction, it still has its own distinctive features. For one thing, it gives a good picture of the child’s mental activity, life condition, and viewpoints on and attitudes to dealing with things. It also precisely shows the conflicting feelings and miserable visages from the family influenced by Internet addiction. For another, it takes believing in God as main axis. Compared with reforming children through love in other films about Internet addiction, such as moving children by parents’ apology, leading children to give up Internet addiction by recalling the past time of happiness together, and so forth, this film exposes the fact behind Internet addiction deeply, and reveals the source of man’s corruption and depravity. Through this, we can see the fact that it is dark and evil in the world of man. And we realize: Only by believing in God and knowing the truth can people give up their addiction to network, and only God is able to save mankind from Satan’s corruption and harm.

Through in the film the believers in the Church of Almighty God testifying Almighty God’s words, I see the real problem behind the matters. I even see nowadays, the social trends we esteem is encroaching upon our heart and soul little by little. As a result, caught up in these trends, we unknowingly begin to advocate money, material desires, evil, violence, and so on. Thus our hearts are filled with things of Satan. We no longer love positive things, nor do we like goodness or peace, much less are willing to live the simple life. Rather, all day we ponder how to enjoy our flesh and go all lengths to satisfy it. Without limit or constraint, we live as we please. However, extremes are dangerous. When the disadvantages of our pursuits in this way are exposed before us, we attempt to use three cardinal guides and five constant virtues, and moral ethics to restrain our behavior. However, the facts prove that moral ethics are never able to lead us onto the right way, or to make our behavior get changed. We mankind become more and more evil, more and more violent, without affection or moral principles, without love or understanding. Instead, we begin to use violence to benefit ourselves, use evil ways to do what we like.

Eventually, I quote a passage of Almighty God’s words from this film, “One after another, all these trends carry an evil influence that continually degenerates man, that lowers their morals and their quality of character more and more, to the extent that we can even say the majority of people now have no integrity, no humanity, neither do they have any conscience, much less any reason.” As to such revelation, I can say without exaggeration that any film with the same theme is unable to achieve such a depth like this. This passage of words deeply exposes the social trends hidden behind Internet addiction. Whenever a trend appears, there are some people who serve as the vanguard to lead this evil trend. We cannot see these trends with the naked eyes, but we are unconsciously influenced and assimilated by them. At last, we lead our life and deal with things according to them. Before we get the truth, we are unconscious, weak, and incapable to resist them. Even though in modern society there are many so-called network rehabilitation centers, yet cure of disease needs to deal with its root. That is to say, only by finding the root of being addicted to Internet, can the problem of the younger generation’s indulging in network fundamentally be resolved.

I believe “Child, Come Back Home!” is a film that can help your child truly come back home and walk on the right way.

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