Who Says Believers in God Don’t Want Family?

Zhang Qiuyang

The CCP government and some people in the religious world make rumors: The believers in Almighty God are inhuman. Many of them forsake family and career, and the youth neither marry nor honor their parents. They clearly go astray in such a way.

When believing in the Lord, I had many misunderstandings of and prejudices against the brothers and sisters from the Church of Almighty God, because I believed the CCP government’s rumors. When they preached the gospel to me, I always gave them the cold shoulder. Even if I spoke to them, I was sarcastic and ironic. However, even though I did so, they still fellowshiped with me patiently. They said: Though we are no more condemned and put to death by laws through the Lord Jesus’ redemption, the Lord Jesus just forgives our sins and yet does not solve our sinful nature. The satanic dispositions such as arrogance and self-conceit, selfishness and greediness, crookedness and deception, disobedience and opposition to God and so on, still remain within us. We are still not purified completely, saved and gained by God. So, the Lord Jesus had said for many times that He would be bound to come again. Many prophecies in the Bible mention His coming to carry out the judgment, bringing saints into the kingdom of heaven. In the last days, to solve our sinful nature, to make us break free of the bondage and restraints of sin thoroughly and live out the likeness of a true person and be gained by Him, the incarnate Almighty God expresses all the truths of purifying and saving people and does the new work of judgment beginning with the house of God on the basis of the Lord Jesus’ redemption work. Only by accepting God’s work in the last days can we enter the wonderful destination. When the brothers and sisters preached the gospel to me time and again, my cold and stubborn heart was softened finally, and I felt God’s love from them. After reading many of God’s words, I firmly believed that Almighty God is truly the returned Jesus and I accepted Almighty God’s work in the last days after understanding the mysteries of the Lord’s return. Not until I appreciated God’s overwhelming love for mankind and eager desire to save us did I realize how ignorant I was before and see clearly how ridiculous the CCP’s rumors are!

Through the contact with these brothers and sisters in the following days, I saw they were flesh-and-blood and emotional like others: When they missed their children, their faces were always covered in tears; derided, ridiculed and abused by the brothers and sisters in various denominations and sects, they would become weak and feel tormented as if a knife twisting inside; faced with the persecution and affliction of the CCP government, they would also give care to the flesh. … For the sake of making China a place without God and ensuring its regime throughout the ages, the CCP government conducts negative propaganda by radio, TV, internet and other media. It starts rumors to deceive people, slander and frame the Church of Almighty God. In addition, it dispatches spies to investigate openly and secretly, searching homes arbitrarily, arresting believers secretly, interrogating believers by cruel tortures and imprisoning them with labor reeducation and even killing them secretly. How many brothers and sisters cannot return home for being chased? How many are arrested, with no one knowing their whereabouts. … Between ease and affliction, benefit and truth, they have ever hesitated, have ever given consideration, and even had a thought of backing off. However, with the leadership of God’s words and the encouragement of God’s love, they knew their commissions and missions were to care for God’s will and to rescue the soul. … Hearing their experiences and testimonies, I saw they have obtained too many precious things from God’s words. They have recognized not only the source of mankind’s corruption but also the destination of mankind, and moreover, they are continually purified through the judgment and chastisement of God and gain the utmost salvation of God, and have a knowledge of God’s righteous disposition. Called by God’s love, I also cooperated with them to spread God’s kingdom gospel in the last days.

preaching the gospel

Through preaching the gospel, I understood all the more why the brothers and sisters could forsake their family and career to cooperate with God’s kingdom gospel. In fact, in the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus ever taught the followers of Him, saying, “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:26). “He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me” (Matthew 10:37). “So likewise, whoever he be of you that forsakes not all that he has, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:33). From the words of the Lord Jesus, we can know God’s will that one person who truly believes in God and pursues to love God should walk in the way of God in everything, take God’s commission as his duty and put his own things in the second place. In the Age of Law, the prophet Jeremiah was called by God and conveyed His words in his youth; Samuel devoted his whole life to spending for God. In the Age of Grace, disciples of the Lord Jesus spread the Lord’s gospel across the world, of whom both Peter and Paul forsook their marriage and family. Can we say they went astray in their believing in the Lord Jesus? God’s word says, “Are you aware of the burden you shoulder, your commission, and your responsibility? Where is your historic sense of mission? … They are poor, pitiable, blind, and at a loss, wailing in the darkness, ‘Where is the way?’ How they yearn for the light, like a shooting star, to suddenly descend and disperse the force of darkness that has oppressed men for so many years. Who can know just how anxiously they hope, and how they pine day and night for this? These men who suffer deeply remain imprisoned in the dungeons of darkness, without hope of release, even on the day that the light flashes; when will they weep no longer? … Have you ever thought how grieved and anxious God’s heart is? How can He bear to see the innocent mankind He created with His own hands suffering such torment? After all, mankind are the unfortunates that have been poisoned. Though they have survived to this day, who would have thought that they have long been poisoned by the evil one? Have you forgotten that you are one of the victims? Out of your love for God, are you not willing to strive to save those who have survived? Are you not willing to use all your effort to repay the God who loves mankind like His own flesh and blood? How do you interpret being used by God to live your extraordinary life? Do you really have the resolution and confidence to live out a meaningful life of a pious, God-serving person?” God is grieved and anxious for man’s living in the darkness, and He anxiously hopes they can spread the salvation of the last days. They have known God’s eager desire to save man, so how can they stand by and not care for God’s commission? While continuing rushing on the way of spreading the gospel, the experiences of the saints’ loyalty to God in the Age of Law rose before their eyes when they were subjected to ridicule and slander; when they underwent humiliation and persecution, the scene of the disciples’ being martyred for the Lord in the Age of Grace inspired them to go forward; when they felt it difficult to spread the gospel and wanted to give up, God’s words moved them time and time again, and God’s love gave them confidence and courage of being loyal to Him constantly, so that they didn’t want to live for their own selfish desires and fleshly enjoyments any longer; the testimonies of the former saints’ loyalty to God also guided them to know what the most meaningful life is. Under the guidance of God’s love, they have forsaken all their own and spread the kingdom gospel of God firmly. Even if ridiculed, abused, rejected and slandered by the worldly people, they are willing to accept and obey. They would rather run the risk of being arrested and imprisoned by the CCP government than not make their full efforts to spread God’s salvation of the last days to more people. They are also willing to take their respective missions to be faithful to God and considerate of God’s will, because they know this is the unshirkable obligation and responsibility of the creatures.

As we know, now it is the last days. Greater and greater disasters are being brought down onto the world, earthquakes, hailstones and fires occurring frequently and various plagues attacking mankind constantly. China has suffered floods and hailstones and so on unceasingly in recent years, and thousands of lives are engulfed by serious haze every day. And the rare cold current weather appeared in Taiwan and Europe, resulting in many people’s death. … The dead lose their lives in great fear, never reviving again; due to the departed relatives, the living are in agony. Four blood moons have occurred, so the rare great calamities of the prophecies in the Bible will be sent down very soon. Today, the Lord Jesus has returned to flesh and expressed words to save mankind. God’s work of the last days is the only chance of man’s salvation. Almighty God has expressed all the truths of man’s salvation and pointed out the way for us to be purified and saved. Those who can accept God’s judgment and gain the truth can receive God’s care and protection, so the work that God saves man in the last days relates to every person’s end and destination. God’s word says, “This is because only one creation and one salvation are within the plan of God. This is the first time and also the last. Therefore, none can comprehend the kind intention and fervent anticipation of God for mankind’s salvation.” “Only I am the true God; only I am your refuge. You can only now hide in My secret place, only within Me, and the disasters will not befall you and no calamity will come near to your tent.

After the personal experience of God’s work in the last days, these brothers and sisters who follow Almighty God feel God’s love and salvation and moreover, they are cared and protected by God in the disasters again and again. They know God’s eager desire that God yearns for more people to come before Him to be saved. Because God does not have the heart to see man die in the disasters, much less has He the heart to see man live in the wailing and helplessness because they turn away from God and lack His care and protection. As Christians, they should worry God’s worries and think His thoughts. So, they resolve to preach the gospel and testify to God. It is not that they don’t want family, nor do they have no humanity, much less are they dolts or madmen but that they are merely the needy whom God has lifted from the dunghill, and are merely a group of people who were extremely corrupted but gain God’s salvation and who are awakened by Almighty God’s great love and willing to offer up their heart and body to God. As these men understand God’s will, they are willing to perform their duties and care for His will. What’s more, they willingly fulfill their missions under the encouragement of God’s love. The Lord Jesus said, “How think you? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, does he not leave the ninety and nine, and goes into the mountains, and seeks that which is gone astray?” (Matthew 18:12). Just think: A man enjoys the bountiful grace of God, gains God’s salvation and tastes God’s love, but doesn’t know how to care for God’s heart and repay His love, doesn’t fulfill the duty of a created being before God, and pays no heed to God’s eager desire of saving man. He only cares about preserving his own little family wholeheartedly and pursues to satisfy his family. Does such man really have humanity? It can be said that such man is most selfish and ungrateful and is inhuman at all. Just as parents who work hard to raise children and to help them get married and start their career. But when parents need them to do something, they care for their own little family instead of them. Aren’t they the most ungrateful and inhuman children? So, what people say “Believers in Almighty God have no human kindness and humanity and go astray because of forsaking family and career, not leading a family life and not taking care of family” is purely fallacious knowledge. In the time of Noah, when God saw people in that age became licentious and evil to hideous depravity and He would destroy the world by flooding the earth, Noah built the ark with all his property and conveyed the information everywhere that Jehovah God would destroy the world by a flood. Didn’t people in that age also say he was mad, evil and possessed? However, when the flood came, Noah and the seven members of his family entered into the ark, whereas people who sneered at and slandered Noah were swallowed by the flood, and died in the disaster on account of not listening to God’s words. Isn’t this an ironclad fact?

Can you understand the Lord’s eager desire that He leaves the ninety-nine sheep and seeks the one which has gone astray? Almighty God says, “His substance and disposition are expressed in His dialogue with man; His thoughts and ideas are revealed completely in His deeds; He accompanies and observes mankind at all times. He speaks quietly to mankind and all of creation with His silent words: I am above the universe, and I am amongst My creation. I am keeping watch; I am waiting; I am at your side…. His hands are warm and strong; His footsteps are light; His voice is soft and graceful; His form passes and turns, embracing all of mankind; His countenance is beautiful and gentle. He has never left, nor has He vanished. From dawn to dusk, He is mankind’s constant companion.” God has been awaiting man’s return. God’s deeds and substance are revealed in His words and work. As a creature, only by accepting God’s new work and coming before God can he behold the appearance of God and gain God’s salvation of the last days. Otherwise, he will only be the forsaken one, falling into disasters.

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