My Experience With Lazy Colleagues

Do you know how to deal with lazy colleagues? I find the way in God’s words and practice according to them. Then I gain the approval of my colleagues and boss as well as peace and joy within my soul.


Living Out Christian Style to Balance Friendship and Interests

By Jianxin, Malaysia People often say that there is no affection for others in the face of interests. It’s really true. In today’s society—where people consider interests greater than everything—be … Read More Living Out Christian Style to Balance Friendship and Interests


How to Keep Up Friendship When Involving Interests

Do you have a conflict of interest with your friend? In this situation, have you ever considered how to treat your friend?

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How to End Silent Treatment With Best Friend

How can we solve the conflict between friends caused by different living habits? The main character of this article shows you a way of practice.

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Little Christian’s Diary: My Story With Grandma

There were conflicts between the little Christian and her grandma. Then how to resolve their problem? Her experience may show you the answer.

How to Coordinate With Others Harmoniously?

She often couldn’t get along well with her partner because of different opinions. After hearing the share of the brothers and sisters, she found the way of achieving harmonious coordination.

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4 Principles for Christian to Build a Good Interpersonal Relationship

Four principles help Christian easily build a good interpersonal relationship with brothers and sisters in Christ and become more and more released and free.

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I No Longer Hate My Colleague

Because of the loss of interests, she not only strove with but hated her colleague in the law firm. But at last, who allowed her to let go of the hatred and live in the light?


Change Your Mind and Play Well the Supporting Role

She has been an actress for several years. However, it pained her that her screen appearances were less than a new actress in a new film. Let’s see how she changed her mind and willingly played a supporting role.

How I Resolved the Conflicts with My Sisters-in-law1

How I Resolved the Conflicts with My Sisters-in-law

They were one family but became enemies because of money. Then God’s words led them to find the root of the problem and let go of their prejudices.