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Our sins were forgiven after believing in the Lord, but we still often sin; how can we finally escape the bondage of sin?

The sins of man were forgiven through the agency of the incarnate God, but this does not mean that man no longer has sin within him.

Christians Control Their Anger

How Should Christians Control Their Anger? I Found the Way

I’m a Christian but often uncontrollably lost my temper and lived in sin. I didn’t know how to control my anger. Later I found the way.

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I Have Known What I Should Pursue in Believing in God

If we only perform superficial good deeds while believing in God, those deeds do not mean that we have true repentance and change in our lives. What should we pursue so that we can give beautiful testimony?

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New Interpretation of Forgiveness of Sins

The Lord may not come to rapture us into the kingdom of heaven, for we still live in the state of committing sins and confessing them and have not been cleansed of our sins.

the Life in the Garden of Eden

How Can We Humans Return to the Life in the Garden of Eden

If we want to return to the life in the Garden of Eden, we must get rid of sin and be cleansed. Read this article now and you’ll know God’s plan of saving man and find the way to get rid of sin.


Jesus Gives Us the Way to Free Ourselves From Sin When He Comes Again

Jesus comes again to do the work of cleansing, from which I’ve found the way to get rid of sin and had an accurate way of measuring what kind of people can enter the kingdom of heaven.

Only Final Judgment Work Mentioned in Prophecies Can Purify Us

How does God do the judgment work mentioned in prophecies in the last days to rid us of our sins and purify us?

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There Is a Way to Be Free of Sins

Do you worry that there’s no way to be free of sins? This article will tell you the root of sin and help you find the way to be free of sins.


I Have Found the True Path to Be Born Again

I’ve finally found the path to being truly cleansed, followed the footsteps of the Lamb, and walked on the path to true repentance and rebirth.


I Have Found the Way to Be Always Saved

“Once saved, always saved.” is this statement based on the Lord’s word? How can we be always saved?