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What Is True Faith? Do You Have True Faith in God?

What is faith? Let’s appreciate the meaning of true faith from the stories of the Bible characters Moses and Job.

Bible Verses about faith

Top 10 Bible Verses About Faith to Increase Your Faith in God in Hardships

If you would like to increase your faith in God in hardships, these 10 top Bible verses about faith will help you.

Bible Verses About Trusting in God Help Us to Rely on God to Get Through Difficulties

Hello! Dear brothers and sisters, when we encounter difficulties in our belief and life (family, marriage, job, study, etc.), how should we rely on God to resolve them? We all … Read More Bible Verses About Trusting in God Help Us to Rely on God to Get Through Difficulties

Moses divided the Red Sea

How Should We Rely on God in Crisis?

This article tells you the stories of how Moses and David relied on God and witnessed God’s deeds, which can inspire your faith, and help you rely on God in crisis and gain God’s help.

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What Should We Do When God’s Trials Befall?

Trials are God’s tests and ordeals for people. So, how should we treat God’s trials so that we can become a person in line with God’s will?

The faith of the Canaanite woman to the Lord Jesus

What Is True Faith?

What is true faith? Why did the Lord Jesus say the faith of the Canaanite woman and the centurion was great? This article will give you the answer.

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Three Key Elements Help You Gain God’s Approval in Trials

How should we Christians experience trials so that we can stand testimony and gain God’s approval? This article will tell you three principles of practice.

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What Is Faith and How to Have True Confidence in God

True faith means that when our mind and body endure great suffering, we still persevere in believing in and obeying God. Then how can Christians have true confidence in God?

Mom and her son

Christian’s Testimony: My Premature Baby Weighing 3.3 Pounds Was Out of Danger

Because of God’s protection, my kid weighing 3.3 pounds was out of danger. In experience, I saw God’s almightiness and sovereignty and I was determined to follow God to the end.

Learn From the Canaanite Woman

Learn From the Canaanite Woman: Truly Treat God Like God

Why did the Lord Jesus approve the faith of the Canaanite woman? I have understood the reason from the words in a spiritual book.