Take Christ’s Heart as Our Own. A Commentary on Philippians 2:5

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.

- Philippians 2:5

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.

– Philippians 2:5

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

This verse is brief, but it is not that easy to take Christ’s heart as our own. So then, what kind of expression do people who take Christ’s heart as their own have? Those who take Christ’s heart as their own can side with God in all things, have their heart come close to God’s heart and are ones after God’s will. They can dedicate themselves to fulfilling what God entrusts them with. No matter in what circumstances, they put God’s commission first without considering their own gains and losses. Even though they undergo persecutions and tribulations, they can uphold their faith in Christ and be loyal to Him to the very end. People like these can love what God loves, hate what God hates, worry about God’s worries, and think about what God is thinking about. They are ones who love God and are God’s confidants. And only God’s confidants can take Christ’s heart as their own and be qualified to serve God.

God’s words say, “Those who serve God should be God’s intimates, they should be beloved by God, and capable of the utmost loyalty to God. Regardless of whether you act behind people, or in front of them, you are able to gain the joy of God before God, you are able to stand firm before God, and regardless of how other people treat you, you always walk your own path, and give every care to God’s burden. Only this is an intimate of God. That God’s intimates are able to serve Him directly is because they have been given God’s great commission, and God’s burden, they are able to take God’s heart as their own, and God’s burden as their own, and they give no consideration to whether they gain or lose prospect: Even when they have no prospects, and they will gain nothing, they will always believe in God with a loving heart. And so, this kind of person is God’s intimate. God’s intimates are also His confidants; only God’s confidants could share His restlessness, and His wants, and although their flesh is painful and weak, they are able to endure pain and forsake that which they love to satisfy God. God gives more burdens to such people, and that which God shall do is expressed through these people. Thus, these people are beloved by God, they are servants of God who are after His own heart, and only people such as this can rule together with God. When you have truly become God’s intimate is precisely when you will rule together with God.”From God’s words we can see: If people truly become God’s intimates, they will no longer be influenced by any person, matter or thing, and can take Christ’s heart as their own, pursue to love God and satisfy God. They are ones who please God and are placed in important positions by God to carry out His will. Only such people have the qualification to inherit God’s promises and blessings. Take Peter for example. He pursued to love God and satisfy God all his life. He took God’s heart as his own at all times. When he did something that could not satisfy God, he felt indebted to the Lord in his heart and tried his best to make up for what he owed Him. So, after the Lord Jesus was resurrected, He asked Peter many times, “Simon, son of Jonas, love you me?” Peter said to the Lord Jesus, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” The Lord Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.” Peter had the most conscience and rationality. He could truly love God, had a God-loving heart, and was the person who was after God’s will and approved by the Lord Jesus. So, finally he was crucified upside down for the Lord, loved God utterly and obeyed God unto death. He became the person who came to have greater knowledge of God than any other through the ages and loved God, and was our model of pursuing to love God. We do not have the love and obedience as Peter did, but from his experience we can know how we pursue to take Christ’s heart as our own.

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