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Because I Blindly Believed Rumors, I Almost Missed the Salvation of Almighty God

By Li Yang In 2006, I went back to my hometown. My sister-in-law anxiously said to me, “Do you know that our parents believe in Almighty God? They said that … Read More Because I Blindly Believed Rumors, I Almost Missed the Salvation of Almighty God


A Movie Reunited Me With the Lord Jesus

A movie allowed her to reunite with the Lord Jesus and find the way to get rid of sin.


To Whom Should We Listen When Investigating the True Way?

Key to whether or not we can welcome the second coming of Jesus is to solve the problem of whom we should listen to when investigating the true way. This article will tell you his story of welcoming the second coming of Jesus.


Good News Received at Bible Study Meetings

Many brothers and sisters dare not listen to sermons lightly for fear of being deceived by false Christs. After attending the Bible study meetings, she understood she would naturally not be deceived by false Christs as long as she grasped the principles of discerning them.

Christian Devotional

Can We Enter the Heavenly Kingdom After Being Justified by Faith?

This is a letter to a brother who held onto being justified by faith from a brother of The Church of Almighty God. Let’s see how he transcend his conceptions of being justified by faith.

Bumpy Road: Process of Confirming True Way

In her bumpy experience of confirming the true way, she understood the meaning of Jesus’ words, “And narrow is the way, which leads to life.”

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A Catholic’s Experiences and Realization

Since I welcomed the second coming of Jesus, I have found that my priest changed.

Losing Money

How Does She Go Through Dark Days After Losing Money?

Her years of hard-earned savings have been lost in the business her mother once carried on. How did she go through the dark days after losing money?

After Seeking, I Have Found the Lord’s Footprints

How will the Lord come again? What’s the path to breaking free from sin? What should we do when we hear the rumors? Understand these to welcome the Lord’s appearance.

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I Welcomed the Lord

After having welcomed Jesus’ coming, I restored my faith in the Lord and no longer feel empty.