The End-time Salvation Through App Brought Him Into the Land of Canaan

By Cheng Yi

One evening, unexpectedly seeing Brother Liu was online at Skype, I was very glad. For Brother Liu, who believed in the Lord for years, often did the work of serving God in our church before; but recently, due to the desolation in the churches, he busied himself with contracting projects and he hadn’t come to a gathering for a long time. So, we took this opportunity immediately to start to chat.

The End-time Salvation Through App

Gradually, we talked about our recent spiritual states. I still told him about my dry and dark state as before, but Brother Liu’s sharing made me feel very surprised. He had very special opinions on the root of the common desolation in the churches, which I had never heard before.

Seeing that I was very surprised, he initially told me the experience of how he examined Almighty God’s work of the last days during that period. He said that he did not know much about Almighty God’s work in the last days when he had contact with The Church of Almighty God first time, but he felt touched in his heart, and he wanted to read more of Almighty God’s word, not hoping to miss the opportunity to meet the second coming of the Lord. However, at that moment, he also happened to have a project that was about to start, and he had to go to a construction site in another state to supervise the project the next day. Afterward, daily busy work, crowded accommodation, and unstable network caused him to be unable to read the word of God through his computer. Just when he was worried about this, a brother recommended the mobile phone app of The Church of Almighty God. When he learned that through the app he could read God’s word, listen to readings of God’s word and hymns that praise God online, and could use it offline too, he was really excited. Immediately he downloaded and installed this mobile software. From that day on, every early morning and late night, he could use the app to listen to the readings of the words of Christ of the last days at any place, enjoying the supply of the living water of life. After a period of time, he not only had a new knowledge of trinity through the reading of God’s word “Does the Trinity Exist?” but also understood many mysteries he did not understand before from Almighty God’s word, such as the root of the desolation in the churches, God’s three-stages work for saving mankind, how God does the work of judgement in the last days, mankind’s future ending and destination, the beautiful sight of the kingdom, and so on. As he listened to more and more of Almighty God’s word, the questions and difficulties that had puzzled him for many years were finally solved. His dry heart now received nourishment and supply.

As Brother Liu talked with excitement, I could feel his state now was really much different from before. In the past, he always lived according to the flesh due to the busy work. Unable to resist Satan’s temptations, he often watched TV series, and sometimes he would even watch them until late night. As a result, he had become more and more distant from the Lord. Now he was different: Through investigating Almighty God’s work of the last days, in such a short time, he could know so many truths that he could not understand before; his faith was restored, and he became strong in spirit. I was indeed envious of this.

The End-time Salvation Through App1

Right after that, Brother Liu said emotionally, “Since I installed the app of The Church of Almighty God, I haven’t dragged my feet in my spiritual life any longer even though I am as busy as I had been before. Now, I can listen to God’s word, and learn to sing hymns that praise God at any time even if there is no Internet in the place where I stay; if there is, I can also watch all kinds of gospel films. My spiritual life is very enriched, and I carry out my devotion in multiple ways, so that I can find appropriate contents for spiritual devotions at any time according to my need. The app of The Church of Almighty God truly is helpful for Christians’ spiritual devotions. With it, I can receive the watering and shepherding of God’s word anytime, enjoying the provision of the living water of life. As a result, I am able to have a normal relationship with God.”

What excited him most was that after a period of his own investigation and the brothers and sisters’ fellowship and testimonies, he was certain that Almighty God’s words are the utterances of the Holy Spirit and Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, keeping pace with the Lamb’s footsteps and receiving God’s salvation of the last days. He said with a smile, “The app of The Church of Almighty God truly helps me a lot. If I didn’t install it, I could not be certain about Almighty God’s work of the last days so quickly.”

Now, he was accustomed to using the app anytime and anywhere: to listen to hymns and readings of God’s word, to watch online all kinds of gospel films, music videos, and so on. He also happily told me that the app of The Church of Almighty God has been updated to version 2.7, and it provides a spiritual devotion planning feature. So, he was no longer upset that he couldn’t find the appropriate contents for spiritual devotions. As for each aspect of truth that a believer should understand, a personal spiritual devotion plan with rich contents provides relevant classic selections from Almighty God’s word, films, readings of Almighty God’s word and videos of hymns, and so on. Under the provision of series of relevant truth, he can daily gain a lot of new enlightenment and illumination. In addition, the regular spiritual devotion plan reminds him to practice spiritual devotion in time, so that he will not miss the chance of getting close to God. Therefore, now he was not worried anymore that he would forget to carry out spiritual devotions or couldn’t have a normal spiritual life due to the busy work or a business trip and others.
The End-time Salvation Through App2 Listening to Brother Liu’s sharing, I was very excited, and I also wanted to receive the rich provision of the living water of life …

The next morning, on my way to work, I took out my cell phone and opened the app. While walking, I was listening to a beautiful hymn that praises the Creator, with my heart full of great sweetness and pleasure.

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