I Bowed My Head Before Almighty God

The Church of Almighty God

I was formerly the president of a mission of the “China Gospel Fellowship” in Pentecostal Church. Since 1997, many people had preached the Almighty God’s end-time work to me, but I always cut them short, saying, “I may force myself to receive you when you come to preach a male Christ. If you still preach that your God is a female, then don’t come! You say God has come, but how come I haven’t seen him?” Whenever the brothers and sisters who preached the gospel came, I silenced them away with these words, and then I did the work of “guarding the churches” everywhere to prevent those who preached the Almighty God from intruding into our churches. I also collected with my upper leaders the rumors that resisted and slandered the Almighty God from various sects and denominations, compiled them with our imaginary things into the booklets, The Sound of the Trumpet in the Church and Resist the Heresy—the Eastern Lightning, and then had them printed and distributed to all the churches. And I said to the brothers and sisters everywhere, “‘The Eastern Lightning’ is a cult. If you read their books or fellowship with them, you will be deceived. You must stay away from them. Don’t fellowship with them. They are an underworld gang and against the Communist Party. And they are promiscuous. Their key persons even have guns. If you join them, you cannot withdraw. If you try to do so, they will gouge out your eyes, cut off your nose, and even harm your whole family!” In this way, I wildly blasphemed and slandered the Almighty God and sealed the churches. However, at that time I regarded myself as faithful to the Lord and responsible to the churches, and as a guardian for the churches. But never did I expect that I should become a great evil man who resisted Christ. Now, I regret it bitterly!

In 1999, my co-worker received a book of the Almighty God’s word and brought it for me to read. When I read God’s stern words of judgment, I felt a great aversion. In order to keep the brothers and sisters from reading this book, I even tore it up and threw it into the toilet. Afterward, the people who preached the Almighty God’s end-time gospel preached to me many times but were all mercilessly rejected by me. However, through my many contacts with them in those years, I found this fact: No matter how I treated them, they had something in common, that is, they showed love and patience, never lost their temper, and always advised me with kind words. That could not be found in our denomination. To be frank, such a living out as theirs really made me admire, but because I was deceived by the rumors and obstinately observed the Bible, I never dared to accept.

One day in mid-April, 2002, I received a call from my upper leader, and he invited me to somewhere outside our city for a theological training course. The third day after the course began, I knew that they were the preachers of the Almighty God and were of “the Eastern Lightning.” Then I thought, “Now I’m finished! If I refuse to accept this way, my eyes will be gouged out, my nose will be cut off, and even my life will be in danger. Nevertheless, I must lay down my life for the ‘true way’ and set an example for the believers. I’d rather die than accept! Since I can’t leave, I will listen patiently. But as long as what you preach is not scriptural, I won’t believe it. In the past I didn’t give you a chance to speak. Now all chances are yours!” They fellowshipped with me for thirteen days, and everything in their fellowship was centered on the Bible and never departed from it. And everything was centered on the direction of the Holy Spirit’s working and several main principles of the Holy Spirit’s work: First, God’s work is always progressing forward; second, God’s work is ever new and is never repeated; third, God’s work is done by ages, by stages, and by steps; fourth, God’s work is contrary to man’s notions. They also talked at some length about the root of the Pharisees’ resisting Jesus as well as the inside and substance of the work of the Age of the Law and that of the work of the Age of the Grace. As I listened to these, I did not find any misinterpretation. They were all based on the proper meaning of the scriptures and were what I had never heard before. Later, when they fellowshipped about the transition from the Age of the Law to the Age of the Grace and the fact that Pharisees resisted God due to their sticking to old things, I felt an aversion to it. I shouted at them, “Stop beating about the bush. Don’t I know what you have up your sleeve? You are going to talk about the third stage of the work. Come straight to the point!” Seeing that I was in a great rage, they stopped and took out the book of God’s word, The Word Appears in the Flesh, and read it to me. However, because I resisted it too strongly in my heart, I did not take anything in. And I said, “It’s merely something spoken in vernacular Chinese on the basis of the Bible. Could it be God’s word?” After that, whenever they read God’s word, I recited the scriptures out loud to purposely interrupt them. Whenever they played the tape of hymns or of God’s word, I pretended to be asleep. And sometimes, I even spoke offensive words to mock or dig at them. However, regardless of how I treated them or what I said to them, they never lost their temper or contradicted me but fellowshipped with me patiently. That was just the opposite of my original thought that if I did not accept, my life would be in danger, my eyes would be gouged out, my nose would be cut off, and so on. Then, I observed them secretly and found their living out was very becoming to a saint. Every day, they sang hymns and prayed before God, and they did so very sincerely, regardless of whether in the presence of people or behind their backs. They were not like an underworld gang at all. Although I did not listen attentively to their new songs, honestly speaking, both the words and tunes were very moving. Furthermore, during those more than ten days of being with them, I found that they were sober and decent, and that they kept a clear distance from the opposite sex and never acted loosely even in eating, fellowshipping, or staying. It was not at all that there were “erotic temptations” from them, as we had fabricated.

Because of what I have personally experienced and seen and because of these facts laid before me, I have to know them with a new perspective and have to forsake my resistance. Otherwise, how can I deserve to be called a believer in God? Yet as to whether to accept their way, I certainly will have my own stand.” Thinking of that, I said to the brothers who fellowshipped with me, “I raise three questions. If you can make them clear to me with Scripture references, I will believe. Otherwise, I would rather die than believe. First, I do not believe that God can return in the flesh again, because the Scripture says that Jesus will come on the white clouds and with the glorious resurrected body. Second, I cannot accept God’s gender, because I believe that God will never change. Third, I do not believe that God can be incarnated in China, because the Scripture says that he will stand on the Mount of Olives to appear to the entire universe.” With regard to my first question, they fellowshipped, “In Luke 17:24-25 the Lord says: ‘For the Son of Man in his day will be like the lightning, which flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other. But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.’ Let me ask: Does the ‘Son of Man’ refer to God’s Spirit or the incarnated God? Why is it that Jehovah God could not be called the ‘Son of Man’ whereas Jesus Christ could? Furthermore, how can God’s Spirit suffer the hardships of the world and be rejected by men? God’s Spirit is not restricted by any person, matter, or thing, or by place or space. So the ‘Son of Man’ here does not refer to God’s Spirit but to the incarnated God. That is to say, when God comes the second time, he will still appear in the image of the flesh and do the work of saving mankind in the way of the flesh. There are many verses concerning this, such as: Matthew 24:27, 30, 37; Mark 13:26, 29; Luke 17:24, 30, 18:8; Revelation 1:13, 14:14; and so on. Wherever the Lord’s coming again is prophesied in the Bible, there appears the words ‘Son of Man.’ This is enough to prove that when God comes the second time, he will still do the work in the way of incarnation.” The brothers’ fellowship left me at a loss for words. Then they read me a passage of God’s word: “When God saves man, he does not save man directly in the form of the Spirit or in the identity of the Spirit, because his Spirit is intangible, invisible, and unapproachable to man. If he saved man directly from the position of the Spirit, man could not receive his salvation. If God did not put on a form of a created man, man still could not receive this salvation. This is because man could in no way approach him, just as no one could approach the cloud of Jehovah. Only if he becomes a created man, that is, he puts his ‘Way’ into the flesh he will become, can he personally work the ‘Way’ into all his followers and can they personally hear his way and see his way and thus gain his way. Only in this way can they be completely saved. If God were not incarnated, no fleshly man could receive this great salvation, and no one could be saved. If God’s Spirit directly worked among men, they all would be struck down, or they would be completely taken captive by satan because they could not contact God. When God was incarnated the first time, he redeemed man from sins, redeeming man through Jesus’ flesh, that is, saved man from the cross. But the corrupt satanic nature still remains within man. When God is incarnated the second time, he is no longer a sin offering, but will completely save those who have been redeemed from sins, so that those who have been forgiven of their sins can be delivered from sins, be completely purified, be transformed in their nature and delivered from satan’s power of darkness, and return before God’s throne. Only then will they have become completely holy. After the Age of the Law ended, God started the work of salvation in the Age of the Grace and has been doing it until the end time when he does the work of judging and chastising mankind’s disobedience. Only after mankind has been completely purified will God end the work of salvation and enter into rest. So, in the three stages of works, God has only been incarnated twice to personally work among men, because only one stage of them is a work to lead men to live and the other two are the work of salvation. Only if God is incarnated can he live with men, taste the sufferings of the world, and live in a normal flesh. Only in this way can he supply to created men the practical ways they need. Men receive God’s full salvation because of God’s incarnation, not through their directly praying to heaven. This is because all men are fleshly and cannot see God’s Spirit, much less approach God’s Spirit, and what they can contact is only God’s incarnated flesh. Only through this can they understand all the ways and all the truths and receive the full salvation.

After the brothers fellowshipped about the first question, I felt much better. Then, they fellowshipped with me about the second question: “Genesis 1:27 says: ‘So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.’ This verse proves that man and woman both have God’s image. So who can conclude that God is a male or that God is a female? Man was created in God’s image, and so was woman. Therefore, God could become an image of a man to do his redemptive work and can also become an image of a woman to complete his conquering and perfecting work. In fact, God is Spirit, and with him there is no gender. Whether God is incarnated as a male or as a female, it is for the sake of his work.” After the brothers said that, we ate and drank several more passages of God’s word: “God is forever God and can never become satan. Satan is forever satan and can never become God. God’s wisdom, wonder, righteousness, and majesty can never change. God’s substance and what God has and is will never change. But God’s work continuously progresses forward and advances further, because God is ever new. … If God were only a male when he was incarnated, people would consider that God is a male and a God of men and would never think that he is a God of women. Then, men would think that God and men are of the same gender. So God would be men’s head. What about women then? That would be unfair. Wouldn’t that be showing favoritism? In that case, God only saved men who are the same as him, so no woman would be saved. When God created mankind, he created Adam and Eve. He did not only create Adam but created man and woman in his image. God is not only the God of men, but also the God of women.” “Every stage of work done by God has practical significance. At that time when Jesus came, he was a male. This time when God comes, he is a female. From this you can see that God’s creating both man and woman can be for his work and with God there is no gender. When his Spirit comes, he can put on any flesh as he wants, and this flesh can represent him. Whether this flesh is a male or a female, he can represent God as long as he is God’s incarnated flesh.” Before these words of truth, I had to become obedient. I felt God’s wonder and unfathomableness. At the same time I saw that I was so small and so devoid of reason and that my knowledge of God was full of notions and imaginations. If God had not personally come to set forth these truths today, I would never have gained such knowledge of God. Thinking back to what I did before, I felt extremely ashamed and disgraced.

Later, in regard to God’s being incarnated in China, they fellowshipped with me, “Matthew 24:27 says: ‘For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.’ Revelation 7:2 says: ‘Then I saw another angel coming up from the east, having the seal of the living God. …’ Malachi 1:11 says: ‘“My name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun. …” says the LORD Almighty.’ From these verses, we see that the place where the Son of Man will come in the last days is certainly the East, not the west. But how can we be sure that the Savior will come to China? In the East, there is not only China but also Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and so on. Then let’s look at another verse, Isaiah 18:7: ‘At that time gifts will be brought to the LORD of hosts from a people tall and smooth, from a people feared near and far, a nation mighty and conquering, whose land the rivers divide, to Mount Zion, the place of the name of the LORD of hosts.’ From this verse, we see that God has told us several thousand years ago about the characteristics of the place in which he will do his end-time work. Firstly, the people of that country are feared near and far; secondly, the land of that country is divided by rivers. Checking the eastern countries against these two characteristics, we can clearly see that only China has them. This is enough to prove that in the end time God will be incarnated in China. Actually, wherever God works, it is decided according to the need of the work, and wherever God works, it has very profound significance. God’s word says: “The work Jehovah did was to create the world, which was the beginning. This stage of work is to conclude the work, which is the end. In the beginning, God worked among the chosen people of Israel to initiate the work in the holiest place. In the last stage, he works in the filthiest country to judge the world and end the age. In the first stage, he worked in the brightest place. In the last stage, he works in the darkest place, dispelling the darkness and bringing in the light and conquering all these people. Even people in the filthiest and darkest place have been conquered, and they all confess with their mouths that there is God and he is the true God, convinced in the heart and in the mouth. God will do the work of conquering the entire universe by such a fact. This stage of work has representative significance. When the work in this age has been finished, the six-thousand-year management work will have ended completely. People in the darkest place have been conquered. People in other places will be conquered much more easily. So only the conquering work in China has representative significance.” “Since today’s work is to be done among all created beings and directed toward the entire universe, the Creator can choose any people, matters, or things to do his work on. He does not care your origin. As long as you are a created being, as long as you are beneficial to his work—conquering and testimony, he will carry out the work on you without hesitation. This has broken men’s traditional notions: God will never work among the Gentiles, especially on the cursed and debased people. All those whose ancestors have been cursed and whose descendants have been forever cursed will never have the chance to be saved. God will never come to or work in the land of Gentiles. He will not stand on the filthy land, because he is holy. You should know that God is the God of all created beings, and that he is the ruler of the heavens and the earth and all things, and is not only the God of the Israelites. Hence, this stage of the work in China is a work of most profound significance.Isn’t this something that will circulate among all nations?” Hearing such a fellowship, I felt especially enlightened in my heart. “Yes! The God whom I have been expecting has come among us and has come to China now. This is a super great blessing coming upon us; how can I refuse it? Since God does his end-time work in China, I should unconditionally obey it and much more should thank God for such work. This is because behind everything God does there is his good purpose, and it is all for saving corrupt mankind.” Thus, I was utterly convinced. It was God’s wonderful work and word that conquered me, so that I, an arrogant and ignorant person, could bow my head before the Almighty God.

Later, I ate and drank God’s word with a seeking heart, and the Holy Spirit inspired me greatly. Whichever piece of word I read, I felt very sweet and felt that every word was with authority and power. It was truly God’s personal utterance and was the irrefutable truth! I regretted very much that I was so arrogant, self-right, foolish, and ignorant at that time that I had committed the monstrous sins of blaspheming the Holy Spirit and tearing up what the Holy Spirit had said to the churches. I hated myself and bitterly regretted what I had done. So I knelt down before God and prayed, “O the only true almighty God! I really deserve to die a thousand deaths. I’m not worthy to come before you. For so many years, I have judged and slandered you, frenziedly resisted you, and sealed the churches. This has seriously hindered the spreading of your end-time gospel, and as a result, many brothers and sisters have been kept in darkness, unable to come before you. O God! I am a sheer antichrist true to the name. I should have been cursed and gone to hell, for my sin is indeed unpardonable. However, you have not treated me according to my evil deeds or punished me, but instead have been doing your utmost to save me, waiting for me to turn back. O Almighty God! Your love is so great that it makes me feel terribly ashamed of myself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to start a new life. I am willing to mend my ways sincerely. I will widely spread your gospel and testify about your wonderful deeds for the rest of my life, and bring before you more brothers and sisters who are deceived, so as to make up for my indebtedness to you and to repay your great love!”

After I followed the Almighty God, my imaginations, notions, and misunderstandings have been thoroughly drowned by God’s work and by the facts. Now I have understood what theory is, what reality is, what notion is, what truth is, what imagination is, and what fact is. In the past, I was self-right, self-conceited, arrogant, and self-important. I did not seek or investigate God’s new work but blindly condemned it only according to my imaginations and notions and those groundless rumors, playing the role of an antichrist. Today I have realized this, yet it is too late to regret! Dear brothers and sisters, I hope that you can take warning from me. Do not stiffen your neck and resist God anymore. Seek quickly! Time waits for no one! Now, God’s work is about to end and disasters are poured down one after the other. If you still fail to follow God’s work, I am afraid that you will fall into the darkness, weeping and gnashing your teeth forever. Just as God says: “God warns and exhorts mankind again and again because his hand has prepared unprecedented disasters. Such disasters are unbearable to man’s flesh and man’s soul, and they are not only to punish man’s flesh but also aimed at man’s soul. You should know: When God’s plan falls through and God’s warnings and exhortations are not repaid, what anger will he unleash? This has never been tasted or heard of by any created being. So I say that such disasters have never occurred before and will never occur again in the future. This is because God’s plan is that he would only create mankind once and only save mankind once. This is the first time and the last time.

Xie Qiang

Shangqiu City, Henan Province

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