A Testimony of Return to God

—Seeing Through the Rumors
Chen Shufang Taiwan

I’m Taiwanese, 60 years old, and have believed in the Lord for 40 years. I remember when I was at school, I lived a carefree life every day. At that time, my father did a land office business and owned a dozen companies. In our house, visitors came and went all the time and were feasted. Later, due to others’ false claims for reimbursement, my father’s companies were heavily in debt and could not even keep going. Since then my family came down in the world. My sisters were still in school then. In order to help my family, I alone, at the age of 16, went to another place to work in a factory. I worked like a slave and sent most of my wages home. I was lonely and depressed, but I didn’t want my family or any others to know it, so I often wept secretly under the quilt. I felt like a drifting solitary boat without direction. In my misery, the salvation of the Lord Jesus came to my family. One day, my younger sister came home after school and said that she had received the salvation of the Lord Jesus. And she took us to listen to a sermon. The pastor said, “‘Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’ (Matthew 11:28). In our view, the president of a country has a high position, yet some presidents also believe in the Lord. As they accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior, God is with them and gives them wisdom to govern their people easily….” Hearing that, I thought, “How heavy a president’s burden is! But with the wisdom God gives him, he is able to govern the country easily. How nice it is to have God as the Savior! Now I’m laboring and heavy laden, and I really need God to give me wisdom and lead me on the road ahead.” At that moment, I decided to receive the Lord Jesus as my Savior. Later, all my family believed in the Lord Jesus.


After turning to the Lord, I felt supported and no longer distressed although we were still living a hard life. I had been distant from my father, but after believing in the Lord, we became close friends. Later on, facing the situation that my husband’s company (with assets of 300 million yuan) was taken away by others, I felt extreme pain, but then I thought that without the Lord’s permission, we would not lose even a single hair. Under the guidance of God I became happy. In order to repay the Lord’s love, I began to serve in the church. Our church at that time was prosperous, new believers joined in one after another, and I was full of faith. As decades passed, however, I found more and more brothers and sisters busy with making money and many young people following the worldly trends. Though we visited them many times, they were still unwilling to attend the meetings. There were only more than thirty people left in our church, and the pastor had nothing to preach in meetings. A few co-workers and I often prayed together for the revival of our church, but it was useless no matter how earnestly and devoutly we prayed. I was puzzled: Why can’t we receive the work of the Holy Spirit when we pray? Could it be that the Holy Spirit no longer works in our church? So I went to other churches to see if they had the leading of the Holy Spirit. After visiting several churches, I found that they were in the same situation as ours.

Later, I heard one of my co-workers say, “Now there is a sect named the Eastern Lightning spreading the word that the Lord Jesus is back. It is a heresy, and we must be careful of it. Watch out for the strangers who come to our church to preach….” He also spoke many words of blasphemy and condemnation against the Eastern Lightning. Since then, I did my utmost to protect our church from the Eastern Lightning while I prayed for its revival. Occasionally when strangers came to our church, I would be on the alert. When I saw the people of the Eastern Lightning preaching the gospel in the street, I would think of the rumors about them and sheer away immediately. And when I saw some passers-by happily listening to their testimony about the gospel, I thought: You’ve rejoiced too soon. You’ve been fooled!

In the blink of an eye, it was January of 2017. I got to know Brother Zhao on Facebook, and we fellowshiped about our knowledge of the Lord. I felt that his knowledge of God’s authority was practical and that his knowledge of God’s righteous disposition was real and touching. Later, he introduced me to Brother Xu, Sister Xiaomin, and Brother Li, and we had meetings online. In the meetings that followed, Brother Xu fellowshiped with us about the inside story of God’s management plan of six thousand years, the mystery of God’s incarnation, and how the Lord will do the work of judgment in His second coming in the last days. Many mysteries in the Bible were explained very clearly, which I didn’t understand though I had believed in the Lord for many years. I felt that such meetings were very beneficial to me. After only several meetings, my former faith and enthusiasm was recovered. The fellowship of Brother Xu truly has the work of the Holy Spirit. I haven’t heard his fellowship in vain in these days. It’s the Lord’s grace!

Once, after the meeting, Brother Xu sent me a web link and advised me to log in when I was free. I happily agreed. Unexpectedly, when I clicked the link these words leapt out at me: The Eastern Lightning. I was stunned, thinking: The Eastern Lightning? How can it be the Eastern Lightning? Immediately the co-worker’s negative words about it occurred to me, and I was filled with fear. But in order to figure the matter out, I called Brother Zhao and asked, “Brother Zhao, do you know the web link Brother Xu sent to me is the web site of the Eastern Lightning? Haven’t you heard about the rumors about the Eastern Lightning?” He said, “Auntie, I know that you mean the condemnations and rumors against the Eastern Lightning from religious circles. I think the churches in the religious world are now in desolation, brothers and sisters become cold in their love, and wickedness increases in churches—all of these signify that the Lord could probably have been back, yet we don’t know about it. Now, only the Eastern Lightning preaches that Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus. Moreover, the gospel of Almighty God is spreading to every nation and place. The number of people accepting Almighty God’s work is increasing. The churches of Almighty God have been established in dozens of countries and regions. Movies, MVs, books, and hymns of the Eastern Lightning can be found everywhere on the Internet. After watching these gospel movies, I have found that there is the truth to be sought in them, which will help us better know God’s work and understand the mysteries in the Bible. I feel the Eastern Lightning is led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord Jesus said: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 5:3). The Lord Jesus’ second coming is such a great matter and we should seek humbly. Besides, we know nothing about the Eastern Lightning, and we should not condemn or judge it at will, which doesn’t conform to the Lord’s will. Recently, through investigating the Eastern Lightning, I have become more and more clear about some truths. Auntie, I think we should continue seeking and investigating. What do you think?” I felt that his words were in accord with the Lord’s will. I thought: I don’t dare to get close to the people of the Eastern Lightning just because I listened to some rumors about the Eastern Lightning. But Brother Xu’s fellowship was indeed full of enlightenment and has made me have a clear understanding of some truths. So whether it is the true way or not, I shouldn’t judge it blindly. I should hear more about it.

Dear brothers and sisters, if you have any understanding or enlightenment from God, welcome to share with us via:1. The online chat window at the bottom of the website. 2. Send an email to [email protected].We sincerely hope we’ll grow spiritually through sharing with each other.

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