A Beautician’s Testimony of Returning to God

 Lingdong    Japan

After the graduation from the junior middle school in 1999, I began to work in the beauty industry. One year later, I became a beautician consultant. As my salary was two or three times higher than others’, I was financially secure, without any special worry. Later, I married my classmate. Our marriage was admired by all my relatives and friends, because he was rich and handsome. Our wedding was solemnized, which made me feel honored and proud before my relatives and friends. Although I didn’t speak it out, I felt very pleased within. Compared with my classmates and friends, I had a better living condition and a handsome husband. Thus, I felt that I was the happiest one. One year later, I gave birth to our little treasure, our daughter. Contrary to all expectations, my husband had an affair three months later. When I found it out, I felt like I was struck by a bolt of lightning and fell into an abyss. Agony, helpless, resentment, and confusion attacked me all at once. I hated my husband and wanted to divorce. However, I had to endure it as I was competitive and put great value on retaining face, fearing being looked down upon and laughed at by others and considered the benefit for my kid. Only I myself knew the pain in my heart. What was worse, my forgiveness was presented with his second betrayal. So, my life was in complete darkness and I lived in endless sorrow and distress. Eventually, it developed to the extent that we pretended not to see each other when meeting and became the most familiar stranger to each other. My life was painful and I felt I was on the edge of collapse. I confided my sorrow and pain to my best friends. Some could only comfort me, others laughed at me and even spread my failed marriage. I was in tearless grief. No one could feel my pain. Afterward, I didn’t mention it anymore and tasted the bitter by myself. I stayed at home alone and was very haggard. Several years passed in that way. In 2013, I got divorced with my husband, ending the marriage life which made me no longer resemble man.

Misfortunes never come single. Not long after my divorce, my face became allergic, being red and itchy. In the beginning, it was allergic once or twice in a month. But later, a state of being allergic prevailed for almost the whole year. Whether I went out or faced my family members every day, I wore a mask and dare not take it off, much less look at myself in the mirror. I sought medical treatment and looked for folk remedies for my allergic face each day. However, the symptom not only persisted, but also became more and more serious. I lost what a woman cared about most. I felt that life was not worth living. I even thought about dying several times. But I gave it up at the thought that my child would be very pitiable without mother. In my anguish, I used cigarette and alcohol to release myself. I felt like I spilled out my resentment as I blew a puff of smoke. I had hated alcohol but then used it to numb my heart. I changed from an outgoing person to someone who stayed at home all day, smoking and drinking and didn’t want to speak with anyone and hid anything in his heart. Afterward, I went to wherever the fortunetellings were told to be accurate. I wondered what was wrong with me and why my life was difficult. However, no matter how many fortunetellings I had, my marriage was still broken and my face was still allergic. I knelt down and cried bitterly, asking Heavens, “Oh Heavens, it is said that when God closes a door, He will open a window for man, not making them have no way to go. But why am I put in a tight spot? Heavens, if the world abandons me, please take me away, for I have no way to go.” Right then, I was in the depths of despair, only wishing to be freed from that pain by death.

One day, the idea of going abroad crossed my mind. I thought: Maybe in another circumstance, my mood and face will turn better. Allowed by my family, I was registered to come to Japan. One day several months later, my roommate Shanshan testified about God’s work in the last days to me. She told me the root of mankind’s corruption. She said, “After God created man, He put man in the Garden of Eden and gave them things to enjoy. Later, they sinned after being tempted by the serpent, Satan, and then were driven out of the Garden of Eden. Thus, man lived under Satan’s domain and was corrupted by Satan to an extent that they didn’t know what was sin and how to live. As man was created by God and God loves man, God begins the six-thousand-year salvation for mankind. God does three stages of work. The first stage is the work of the Age of Law. God’s name is Jehovah and He set forth laws and issued commandments for man to know sins and led them to worship God and live a life. The second stage is the work in the Age of Grace. God’s name is Jesus. God was incarnated the first time and completed the redemptive work through His crucifixion. As long as man repented and confessed sins to the Lord Jesus, they could be forgiven of their sins and be freed from the law’s curse and condemnation and thus be saved. And they could enjoy the abundant grace and blessings from God. Today, God comes to do the last stage of work, that is, the work in the Age of Kingdom, the third stage of work. His name is Almighty God. He is incarnated for the second time, expresses the truth to do the work of judgment beginning with God’s family, and judges and purifies man with the word, making man free from their sinful nature and corrupt satanic disposition, so that they can be saved, enter the kingdom of heaven and inherit God’s promise.”

Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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