Couple quarrel

Marriage Should Be Respected: Why Has It Been Trampled?

In today’s society, why are there more and more people engaging in extramarital affairs? Why do we wantonly trample on marriage? Read this article to find the answers.

Weight loss, weight scale

A Reflection on the Craze of Losing Weight

Excessive losing weight brings man great harm. So why do so many people who are not that fat try to lose weight? Is a slim figure really beautiful?

Himalayas, Everest

Reflections on Dead Body Landmarks on Mt. Everest

Climbing Mount Everest is extremely dangerous, and it has been the death of many. But what force is it that provokes these people to take up the unusual challenge, even at the cost of sacrificing their lives?

traffic light

See Social Phenomena From Cartoon of “Running Red Light”

The behavior of running a red light lead many people to jump on the bandwagon. The reason behind that is not as simple as you think.


What Lies Behind Rooftopping?

Now rooftopping has become a new trend followed by many young people. What’s the secret behind this dangerous trend?

No Longer Keep Up With the Joneses, Live Free

No Longer Keep Up With the Joneses, Live Free

In order to keep up with the Joneses, she always made purchases with a credit card. As a result, she had to work 16 hours a day to pay the bill, and suffered a lot. Let’s see how God guided her to stop keeping up with the Joneses.

How to Resist Evil Social Trends

How to Resist Evil Social Trends

How to resist evil social trends when they engulf us? I found the way in God’s words.

Loving beauty

How to Get Over the Failure in Cosmetic Surgery

I chose to get plastic surgery in spite of dangerous, but the surgery failed, which brought me agony. What’s the reason to all of this? How should I cast away such pain?

Why Are Many Youth Obsessed With Parkour

Why Are Many Youth Obsessed With Parkour?

There were reports of the youth dying because of parkour. Why are many youth still obsessed with parkour? God’s word has told us the answer.

How Satan Corrupts Us With Movies and Television Programs

Do you know? On the surface, movies and television programs can bring us fun, but actually they are tools used by Satan to corrupt us.