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God Helped Me Find a Job That Was Perfectly Suitable for Me

I relied on my skills to search for a job, only to suffer setbacks again and again and end up gaining nothing. When I turned to God and relied on Him sincerely, God helped me find a job that was perfectly suitable for me.

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Without Greasing the Wheels, She Relied on God to Easily Resolve the Difficulty in Her Work

Will the one who doesn’t give leaders gifts be assigned to an undesirable company? The author of this article relies on God, doesn’t follow her colleagues in presenting gifts to their leaders, and she actually experiences a turn for the better in her work.


Faith Comes From Experience

Although she encountered various difficulties while living abroad, it was these hardships that perfected her faith in God.

Learn English in Old Age, Easy!

By Jing Xin United States I came to the United States alone in 2012 and I met Sister Wendy through God’s amazing plan in June 2017. She bore witness to … Read More Learn English in Old Age, Easy!