How Should We Explain Revelation 22:18–19

What is the meaning of Revelation 22:18–19? Why do we say God expressing new words doesn’t mean adding things to the prophecy? Please read the protagonist’s experience.


What Is an Overcomer? How to Be an Overcomer

By Ganxin At the mention of overcomers, we will think of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, “And I looked, and, see, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, … Read More What Is an Overcomer? How to Be an Overcomer

How Will Prophecies About the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the Bible Come True?

Every Christian wants to know how the Bible prophecies about second coming of Jesus Christ are fulfilled, Let us prepare for the second coming of the Lord together.


Are There Words Spoken by God That Are Not in the Bible?

Are there God’s words outside the Bible? After a discussion, they understood they shouldn’t confine God’s words to the Bible.

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A Discussion – A New Understanding of the Bible

Is there any God’s word outside the Bible? Does the scroll recorded in the Book of Revelation refer to the Bible? I got the answer after a discussion.


What Kind of Book Is the Bible?

The Bible is famous for its classic and authority. It has played an important role in the process of human civilization. In history, the Bible has benefited many great men. … Read More What Kind of Book Is the Bible?

God’s Word “Concerning the Bible (2)”

The Bible is also called the Old and New Testament. Do you know what “testament” refers to? The “testament” in the “Old Testament” comes from Jehovah’s covenant with the people … Read More God’s Word “Concerning the Bible (2)”