Save a Marriage

How to Save a Marriage on the Brink of Divorce

Her Husband’s Online Entanglement Raises a Red Flag “Uncle, none of that online chatting stuff is real. There are lots of people now using that to cheat people, how could … Read More How to Save a Marriage on the Brink of Divorce

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I Realize That God Has Prepared a Happy Marriage for Me Long Ago

Marriage is predestined by God. Do not be anxious but wait for God’s arrangements if we suffer frustration in marriage, for God has prepared a happy marriage for us long ago.

Christian Views on Marriage: No Longer Comparing With Others, She Has a Happy Marriage

She once admired her friend’s rich marriage life and was full of complaints against her own marriage. After becoming a Christian, she has a correct view on marriage and has a happy marriage.


How Did a Christian Get Over a Marriage Breakdown?

Because my husband had an affair with a woman and they had a child, my happy family broke apart. I was in such pain that I didn’t even want to go on living. It was God’s words that guided me to get over the marriage breakdown.

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What Criteria for Christians Choosing a Spouse Please God More?

What kind of spouse we choose can bring us happiness? What are Christians’ criteria for choosing a spouse? After fellowship, she found the answer and that only by practicing according to God’s words can she gain God’s blessings.


Forgiving Infidelity: Ridding Herself of the Pain of Marriage

She has been married for twenty years. But unexpectedly, her husband has an affair. In great misery, it is God’s words that help her learn to forgive.

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Christian Marriage: How to Let Go of Hatred of Husband

When I lived in hatred of my husband and couldn’t let go of it, God’s words showed me the way, and now, I no longer hate him but feel steadfast.

Learning to Understand, I Can Deal With My Marriage Calmly

My husband showed little regard for me due to busy work, and we often had quarrels over this. But later, I learned to understand him and our relationship has got better with the guidance of God’s words.


It Is Very Easy for Spouses to Get Along With Each Other

What strength ends the quarrels between a wife and a husband for most of their lives. Through this article, we learn the secret to getting a harmonious family.

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How to Treat Children’s Marriage

As parents, if children’s partner did not accord with our will, how should we treat that?