Jesus Christ and His Disciples

Understanding the Meaning of the Holy Trinity, I Welcomed the Lord Jesus’ Return

What is the Trinity? What exactly is the relationship between Jehovah and Jesus? The author’s experience will reveal the mystery of the Trinity to you.

True Faith Comes Only From Knowing God

2019 Christian Music “True Faith Comes Only From Knowing God”

God’s work now is to speak, no more signs, nor wonders. It’s not the Age of Grace. God is normal and real. In the last days He’s not the supernatural Jesus, but a practical God in flesh, no different from man.

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Grasp 3 Principles to Discern the True Christ and False Ones and Welcome the Lord’s Return

While we Christians are longing for the Lord’s return, we worry about being deceived by false Christs. If we grasp these 3 principles, we can easily discern the true Christ and false ones and welcome the Lord’s return.

Lord Jesus takes up His cross

The Origins of the Appellation “the Lamb of God”

The Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross as mankind’s sin offering to save us from sin. What is the profound meaning behind the appellation “the Lamb of God”?

Lord Jesus and his disciples

What Is the Work of the Apostles? Can It Represent God’s Work?

The work of an apostle was to spread the Lord’s gospel, establish churches, and shepherd believers. The work God does is to usher in a new age and bring the old age to an end, which can show man a new direction.

Matthew 24-24,Lord Jesus preached

Matthew 24:24 – Grasp the Principles of Discerning False Christs

This verse told us a principle to tell apart false Christs: False Christs and false prophets mainly rely on imitating God’s work, that is, performing signs and wonders to deceive us.

Jesus resurrection

What Is the Significance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ shows God’s authority to us, and that God incarnate has the substance and authority of God.

Gospel Hymn,knowing God

English Christian Song “Do You Know God’s Work”

English Christian Song 2018 “Do You Know God’s Work” I God’s work in the flesh is not spectacular, nor is it shrouded in mystery. It’s real and actual, like one … Read More English Christian Song “Do You Know God’s Work”

Philippians 2-5,Take Christ’s Heart as Our Own

Take Christ’s Heart as Our Own. A Commentary on Philippians 2:5

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 2:5 Thoughts on Today’s Verse… This verse is brief, but it is not that easy to … Read More Take Christ’s Heart as Our Own. A Commentary on Philippians 2:5

2 Principles for Treating Illness

2 Principles for Treating Illness

God’s Word: “How does God try people? By refining them through making them endure suffering. To be tried is to suffer. When one is tried, suffering shall follow. How could … Read More 2 Principles for Treating Illness