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Through Watching a Movie, I Unexpectedly Welcomed Christ’s Return

I used to believe that to believe in God we cannot deviate from the Bible. But this movie changed my view and I unexpectedly welcomed the Lord Jesus’ return.

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Why Does Jesus Christ Say the Bible Doesn’t Contain Eternal Life?

Some Christians believe they can gain eternal life through reading the Bible often. But why does Jesus Christ say the Bible doesn’t contain eternal life? How can Christians gain eternal life?

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How to Treat the Bible?

I found many errors in the Bible when I read the Bible. Through seeking, I finally know how to treat the Bible correctly.

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Gains From Reading the Bible: The Bible Isn’t Entirely God’s Word

For too long, I believed that the Bible is the word of God, but I found my viewpoint was wrong when reading the Bible.


Not Only God’s Words but Man’s Words are in the Bible

Through a Bible study, I understood: Not only God’s words, but man’s words, Satan’s words are in the Bible.

Outside of the Bible

Gospel Movie “What a Beautiful Voice” Clip 3

Most people in religious circles believe that all of God’s words are in the Bible, and anything outside of the Bible does not contain His work and words. But does … Read More Gospel Movie “What a Beautiful Voice” Clip 3

How to Treat the Biblical Prophecies Can Be After God’s Heart?

How to Treat the Biblical Prophecies Can Be After God’s Heart?

How to treat the biblical prophecies can we be after the Lord’s heart and welcome the Lord’s second coming? A fellowship online solved my confusion.

Who Has Added to the Bible?

Who Has Added to the Bible?

I only knew man shouldn’t add to or take away from the Bible, but I didn’t know what adding or taking away is. A fellowship made me understand this crucial truth.

All Scripture, Inspired by God?

Hot Discussion! Are All the Words in the Bible God’s Words?

I always believe that all scripture is given by the inspiration of God and it is all the words of God, but from a hot discussion on a gospel forum, I came to understand that my viewpoints are not in line with God’s intention.

God’s Word Is Not Limited in Bible1

God’s Word Is Not Limited in Bible!

I always thought outside the Bible there were no God’s work and word. Until I listened to the fellowship in a movie did I understand that God’s word is not limited in the Bible.