Know in 3 Minutes How to Get Your Prayers Listened by God

Why do we Christians need to pray? How should we do to get our prayers listened by God? This essay will tell you the answers to these questions.

Matthew 6-7,True Prayer

True Prayer—A Commentary on Matthew 6:7

From this verse, we can know the Lord requires us not to say empty or repeated words when we pray. If you pray for three or four hours, merely speaking false and nice-sounding words.

John 4-24,Worship God With Heart and With Honesty

John 4:24 – Worship God With Heart and With Honesty

God is a Spirit and we can connect with His Spirit using our hearts. When in prayers, we ought to speak the words within our hearts to God.

worship song, ture prayer

Christian Devotional Song “True Prayer”

Christian Song – Learn How to Pray to God – “True Prayer”. True prayer is speaking your heart’s words to God. True prayer is feeling, oh, so close to God, as if He’s in front of you.

ture prayer

I Understand What True Prayer Is After the Meeting

Enter into true prayer and your prayer will not be dull. Let’s see how the protagonist of this article do it.

pray, how to pray, Daily Prayer

3 Aspects Every Christian Should Know of Daily Prayer

We pray every day, and if we Christians know 3 aspects of daily Prayer, we’ll be closer to God and know God more.

Philippians 4-6, prayer

Philippians 4:6

Today’s verse is Philippians 4:6 about prayer. The things that happen in our lives, whether big or small, we should pray about these before God. God will surely guide us if we can sincerely pray.

Matthew 26-39

Matthew 26:39

Today’s verse is Matthew 26:39. The Lord Jesus’ prayer has shown me the path to entering into true prayer.

4 elements to make our prayers be after God-s heart

4 Elements to Make Our Prayers Be After God’s Heart

How do Christians pray to God to be after God’s heart? Grasp 4 elements, our prayers will gain God’s approval!


3 Reasons and Principles in Prayers, Approved by the Lord

By Cheng Shi Prayer is a way for us Christians to maintain a proper relationship with God. Especially, prayers in the morning and at night are indispensable. Although Brother Zhang … Read More 3 Reasons and Principles in Prayers, Approved by the Lord