2019 Christian Family Movie “A Mother’s Love”

A Mother’s Love is a Christian family movie that examines the subject of how to raise children.

Where Is My Home,Best Christian Family Movie,

Best Christian Family Movie “Where Is My Home”

Wenya lost her home and lived away from her parents from childhood. After growing up, she suffered unspeakable pain because of her father’s death. She could not help but ask: Why do we suffer?

Child, Come Back Home,(Christian Video) God Saved Me From Video Games

“Child, Come Back Home” (Christian Video): God Saved Me From Video Games

He was lost in internet games. His parents did their utmost with helping him break his internet addiction, but to no avail. Not until God’s salvation came upon him did he finally break his internet addiction and come back home.

Best Motivational Video - Unchaining the Heart

Christian Movie | Who Can Change Your Life | ”Unchaining the Heart”

He believed that as long as he constantly worked hard, he would be able to be a cut above the rest, and achieve merit and fame.

Best Christian Movie Fortune and Misfortune

Best Christian Movie “Fortune and Misfortune”: Can Money Buy Happiness?

In order to make money, the protagonist toiled half a lifetime but was tormented by illness. What reflection did she draw from the bitter reality?

God's Salvation

Church Life Movie | “God’s Salvation”

Church Life Movie | “God’s Salvation” | Live in the Light of God Chen Mowen was born into an ordinary peasant family. Because she was born a girl, her father’s … Read More Church Life Movie | “God’s Salvation”

Christian Video 2018-How To Be Honest-Honesty Is Priceless

Christian Video 2018 | How To Be Honest? | “Honesty Is Priceless”

 Honesty Is Priceless Zhen Cheng was the owner of an appliance repair shop. He was kind, honest, and did business by the book. He would never try to pull … Read More Christian Video 2018 | How To Be Honest? | “Honesty Is Priceless”