Christian Reflection

Christian Reflections: Blindly Following Man Will Make You Miss the Chance to Welcome the Lord

When we Christians are watching and waiting, what should we pay attention to so that we will not miss the chance to welcome the Lord’s coming? This short story will give you inspiration.

Christian Reflections

Christian Reflections: Why Did Gamaliel, the Elder, Not Follow Jesus Christ?

Gamaliel, Paul’s teacher, was a reasonable man, but he never followed Jesus Christ and didn’t attain the Lord’s salvation. What warning does this give to us?

Rejection of Jesus

Why Was Jesus Rejected in His Hometown of Nazareth?

When the Lord Jesus was doing His work and preaching, many people followed Him. So why did His people in Nazareth reject Him? What can we learn from it?

Reflections on the Scripture

Reflections on the Scripture “John’s Mother Salome’s Request of the Lord”

What lessons can we Christians learn from “John’s mother Salome’s request of the Lord”? How should we pray to God to be after His will?


EL EMPLEO / THE EMPLOYMENT – A Reflection on the Meaning of Life

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A man is thinking

“Seeing Is Believing” Is Not to Be Believed

By Xiaowen Before, when I used to hear people commenting on something, they would often say “seeing is believing.” As time passed, I also took this as the basis for … Read More “Seeing Is Believing” Is Not to Be Believed