Look at Yourself From a Different Angle

Look at Yourself From a Different Angle
Look at Yourself From a Different Angle

When we see some flaw or weakness in us, we become negative and weak. And as we think that we’re incapable of doing anything, we often give up ourselves, and even lose hope in life or faith in the future. …

Actually, whatever God has done is good. For example, compared with the bee, the eagle is powerful, yet the bee can spread pollen and make the nature multicolored. Whatever differences in their life structure and form, all things are good in God’s eyes, and God has a special arrangement and plan for each of them.

So never should we despise ourselves. Sometimes, when we see our flaws from a different angle, we can find there is also God’s good will in them. So if we deny ourselves completely, and collapse and abandon ourselves to depravity after a setback, aren’t we troubled about unnecessary fuss?

The Secret of Happiness: Learn to Accept Our Own Flaw
Rejoice in the Lord Always- Philippians 4:4

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