God’s New Words Bring Us the Way to Practice the Truth (II)

The next evening, Sister Yu and Sister Zhao came to my home on time. I walked ahead of them and led them to the leader’s home, holding the flashlight in my hand. On the way, I gave an introduction to them, “Sister, thank the Lord. There are nearly eighty people in the church of our village. Our leader is a brother by the name of Han. He is an honest person, pursues quite hard and has responsibility for church.” When we arrived at the leader’s home, several co-workers were just having a meeting there. Leader Han gave us an alert look when he saw I took two strangers to his home. I hurriedly introduced, “Brother, this is Sister Yu, a preacher who comes from the city. She preaches very well, so I specially invite them to come here, and we can listen together. And this is Sister Zhao, my distant relative.” After he heard that, the leader’s attitude softened, and he said, “Oh, come in and have a seat please. We’re having a meeting this evening, and you can attend it together.” Then, he made tea for us, and brought a dish of homegrown peanuts. I thought: Although Leader Han looks cold, he has a good humanity. If he finds that the message Sister Yu preaches has the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, he may agree with my opinion.

Then, Leader Han turned to Sister Yu and said, “Sister Yu, Brother Chen (referring to me) says that your preaching is high. We several co-workers are just here today, and you can fellowship about something with us. We want to see how good your preaching is, which makes Brother Chen keep on praising you.” Sister Yu said with a smile, “Thank God! It is God’s arrangement that today I can come here. It’s not because my preaching is high. We humans can do nothing. All the work is out of the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, the work of the Holy Spirit.” At that time, Sister Li said to Sister Yu, “Since you are a preacher who comes from the city, you should be able to solve some practical problems for brothers and sisters. Everyone can speak some theoretical knowledge, but when things happen to oneself, one can’t always hold on to the Lord’s way. I met a trouble yesterday. Since your preaching is high, you must be able to help me settle it.” Sister Yu said patiently, “Thank God! May God lead us! Sister, tell us your difficulties.” Sister Li sighed, “Ay! I am angry when mentioning it. This is how it happened. My job is to do the cleaning in a housing estate of a town. I always try to do better than others and never do things carelessly because as a believer in the Lord, I am intent on glorifying the Lord’s name by acting according to my conscience. So, every time I did more work than others, and I endured and didn’t take these to heart. I didn’t expect that this time when I got the salary, I was docked 10 Yuan for no reason. I felt it unfair, so I went to the supervisor and reasoned with him. Later, I couldn’t hold on, so I had a quarrel with the supervisor. I am still angry at it now. Although I remember the Lord’s word that I should be patient, yet the more patient I am, the more I am bullied. I don’t understand: Are we believers in God born to be bullied? Please tell me how to forsake myself in this matter?” At that time, we all turned our gaze on Sister Yu, and I also expected that she could give a good way to practice.


Sister Yu smoothed her hair and took out a notebook from her bag calmly. She opened it and read, “‘On the outside, every step of God’s work on man looks just like interactions between people. It looks like man’s arrangement or disturbance. However, behind each step and each event is a wager that Satan makes in front of God, and it is required that man stand witness for God. Just as when Job was tried, in the background it was a wager between Satan and God, but what Job faced was man’s acts and disturbances. Every step of work God does on you is a wager between Satan and God in the background; there is always a battle in the background. … When there is a battle in you, God will work on you if you practically coordinate with Him and suffer for Him. Eventually you can let go of this event and your anger will naturally dissipate. This is the effect of your working with God. Everything you do requires a certain effort and price. Without real suffering, you cannot satisfy God. It does not even come close to satisfying God; it is all empty words! Would such empty words satisfy God? When Satan and God battle it out in the spiritual world, how should you satisfy God and stand witness for Him? You need to know that every event that comes to you is a big trial for you, and it is a time when God needs you to bear witness. On the surface it doesn’t look like such a big deal, but these things show whether you truly love God. If you love God you would be able to stand witness for Him; if you don’t practice loving God, it shows that you are not someone who practices the truth, there is no truth in you and no life, you are mere chaff! For every event you encounter, it is an event which God needs you to stand witness for Him. Although you are not facing an important event and bear no great witness, in the nitty-gritty of daily life, it is all a matter of bearing witness for God. When you deserve the respect of your brothers and sisters, your family and the people around you, when an unbeliever comes in and sees that all you do deserves respect, he will see that everything God does is really good—this is when you bear witness. … Although you can’t do great work, you can satisfy God. Other people can’t let go of their notions; you can. Other people can’t bear witness to God in real experience; you repay God’s love with your real stature and actions and bear resounding witness to God. This is what true love of God is. If you can’t do this, then you won’t have a witness among your family, your brothers and sisters and in front of other men. If you can’t bear witness before Satan, it will laugh at you, treat you as a joke and toy with you. It will often trick you, making you lose your mind.’ (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) From this, we can see that the events that come to us every day are not accidental, and there is God’s good purpose in them. Since we believe in God, we should see things according to God’s word, not by the outward appearances. Sister, we all read the Book of Job. When Job encountered tribulations, outwardly it were robbers who violently took away Job’s flocks and herds, but behind it, there was a war in the spiritual world: God was making a wager with Satan, and God wanted to try Job’s faith. When Job lost his flocks and herds all over the hill, he didn’t sin with his lips. He didn’t reason with robbers and didn’t cry and complain against God, but sat among the ashes praying, because he believed that all things were in God’s hand and all these disasters that came upon him were out of God’s permission. Finally, he bore a resounding testimony for God and shamed Satan by saying ‘Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.’ (Job 1:21) From this, we can see that Job is a person who has true reverence for God. These several classical words are worthy of our emulation. Sister, outwardly the event happened to you was that your supervisor deducted you ten Yuan, but behind it is all a matter of bearing witness for God. God is watching you, and Satan is also watching you. At this time, they will see whether you will endure all the sufferings to satisfy God or stand on the side of Satan to reason with others. Besides, where does our anger come from? Isn’t it because we are directed by those satanic poisons? Satan specially does the things that sow dissension among man. It badly wishes that the world would be full of conflicts and fighting, and all the people would live under its domain and ultimately be cast into hell for disobeying and resisting God. Recently, I saw a piece of news reported: A man quarreled with another one just because of two Yuan, and then killed him with a knife. Things like this are very common. This man killed another one because of two Yuan. In people’s opinion, it shouldn’t be so. But it’s not that simple behind it. It’s Satan that instigated him to do that. So, if we can’t live by God’s word, and can’t live to satisfy God, we will become playthings of Satan at any time and be devoured by Satan.”

After Sister Yu finished speaking, I saw Sister Li’s eyes were bright, and the others looked at Sister Yu and the notebook in her hands enviously. Leader Han also nodded and whispered, “Right! It’s from the Holy Spirit. This preaching is good and high.” Several co-workers were excited, and a brother said, “Sister, the message you preach is what we have never heard. You preachers who come from the city are really different. Can you tell us more?” At that time, I was especially thrilled, saying, “Yes, what Sister Yu preached is really from God. Her fellowship not only solves Sister Li’s difficulty, but also lets me have new seeing about God’s work and my own practice.” Influenced by all, Sister Yu said excitedly, “Thank God! What I preached is enlightened by the Holy Spirit. I am only a corrupt man. I can preach nothing without the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.”

Sister Yu continued fellowshipping, “Actually, the meaning of believing in God is very deep, and it’s not as simple as we have imagined. We should practice the truth when we have meetings, pray, sing hymns, or perform the duty, and should not go through the formality externally. If we want to be transformed in our disposition, we should not only act according to God’s word when we worship God, but also practice the truth in everything in our daily life, whether it’s big or small. Believing in God is to resolve our satanic nature within, and live out the likeness of a real man. If our satanic dispositions are not transformed, we will do things that disobey and resist God at any time. …” Unconsciously, it was about 11 o’clock at night. Knowing that we might be tired from the daytime farm work and needed to rest earlier, Sister Yu said to us, “It’s late now, so we stop here today. We can fellowship next time.” The brothers and sisters all listened with great relish, without any thoughts of sleep. Leader Han said, “Sister Yu, you are welcome to come and fellowship with us next time. Although your fellowship is a little deep, we all like it.” The brothers and sisters and I echoed, saying, “Yeah. Come to our church next time please.”

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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