God’s Love Accompanied Me in Satan’s Disturbance

By De Ling

In 2008, my mother preached to me the kingdom gospel of Almighty God. But due to the influence of the atheistic education of China, I felt that God was too strange to me, and I could not understand God’s words. So, a sister of the Church of Almighty God gave me a book titled Selected Records of the Three Stages of God’s Work. Then I began to read it from the Bible stories. Gradually, I was attracted by the stories, such as God’s creation of the heavens and earth and all things, God’s destruction of the world with a flood in the time of Noah, Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea, Jesus’ nativity, Jesus’ performance of miracles—feeding five thousand people with five loaves and two fish and raising Lazarus to life, Jesus’ resurrection, and so on. Through reading these Bible stories, I realized that God truly exists and that belief in God is not superstition. So I decided to seek and examine the work of Almighty God.

A sister of the Church of Almighty God often came to my home and led me to pray to God and read God’s words. Sometimes when I was busy in the daytime, she came in the evening. One evening, no sooner had the sister arrived than my daughter began to cry. And she kept crying at the top of her voice with her eyes closed. No matter how I coaxed her, she just didn’t stop, and she wouldn’t drink the milk. I held her in my arms and rocked her, walking up and down, but it didn’t work either, and her forehead was sweaty with crying. I wondered, “She never cried like this; what’s wrong with her?” Puzzled, I said to the sister, “My daughter is three years old, and she never cried like this before.” Seeing me very anxious, the sister said, “The child keeps crying; this is a spiritual battle. It’s Satan’s disturbance.” I looked at her in confusion, and asked, “Why does Satan disturb?” She replied, “We have been living under the domain of Satan and worshiping it as God. When we choose to believe in and follow God, Satan doesn’t resign itself to it, so it disturbs us…” Hearing that, I immediately interrupted her, “Satan’s disturbance makes my daughter suffer like this; I’d better stop believing. You take the book of God’s word away.” At my words, the sister resumed, “If you do so, you will fall prey to Satan’s trick, for its objective is just to make you give up believing in God. As a new believer doesn’t understand the truth, Satan exploits various contemptible methods to stop him from believing in God. For example, it may make one’s family be not at peace, or suffer illness, or use one’s unbelieving family to oppose him, and so on. By doing so, it attempts to force one to abandon God and lose God’s salvation. We must see through its schemes, not allowing it to succeed. Most of our brothers and sisters have experienced such things. Only if we have faith in God can we overcome Satan’s temptation. Just as God’s word says: ‘In My plan, Satan has ever snapped at the heels of every step, and, as the foil of My wisdom, has always tried to find ways and means to disrupt My original plan’ (‘The Eighth Utterance’ of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh). From the words of God we see that Satan has tried to use every conceivable means to disrupt and disturb God’s work. But the God we believe in is almighty, and Satan is also under His dominion. As long as we pray and rely on God, Satan’s scheme will fail. Let’s pray to God together.”

The sister knelt on the bed and prayed, and I could only pray in my heart with my daughter in my arms, “O God! My daughter cries so bitterly tonight, and I’m a little afraid. The sister said it is Satan’s scheme. O God, if that is true, I am willing to betray Satan and follow You. I will put my child in Your hands. Amen!” After the prayer, my daughter’s cry tailed off. I put her in the bed and she fell asleep after a few pats. I gave a deep sigh of relief. Then the sister read me these words of Almighty God: “The work of the Holy Spirit is proactive guidance, and positive enlightenment, it is not allowing people to be passive, bringing them solace, giving them faith, and resolve, and enabling them to pursue being made perfect by God.” “The work of Satan is manifested in the following: being unable to stand your ground and stand witness, causing you to become someone who is at fault before God, and who has no faithfulness toward God. At the interference from Satan, you lose the love and loyalty toward God within you, you are stripped of a normal relationship with God, you do not pursue the truth, or the improvement of yourself, you regress, and become passive, you accommodate yourself, you give free rein to the spread of sin, and are not hateful of sin; furthermore, the interference of Satan makes you dissolute, it causes God’s touch to disappear within you, and makes you complain about God and oppose Him, leading you to question God, and there is even the risk of you leaving God. All this is of the work of Satan” (“The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Work of Satan” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). From God’s words I understood: The work of the Holy Spirit gives people faith to follow God and accept God’s salvation, while Satan has always disrupted and interfered with God’s work and caused people to turn away from and forsake God, to reject God’s salvation, and in the end to perish along with it. Today I encountered this matter; this was Satan’s scheme. It tried to make me forsake God through my daughter’s crying. I thanked God for His protection. Through His words and the sister’s fellowship, I saw through Satan’s scheme, thereby not being taken captive by it.

After this experience of Satan’s disturbance, I understood the differences between the work of the Holy Spirit and the work of Satan and knew that I should reject Satan, and I had more faith within. I began to place importance on reading God’s words. Little by little, I got some knowledge of God’s work, and I didn’t deny God anymore when things happened to me. Then the church assigned me to practice looking after new believers. I was delighted that I could perform the duty of a creature, and from my heart I felt it was God’s exaltation. Just when I was confident in fulfilling my duty to satisfy God, a troubling thing happened to me. My husband was a construction truck driver, and he was working in the sparsely populated northwest of China. Usually, every two or three days he would make a call to ask whether everything went well with us and listen to our daughter’s voice. But this time he hadn’t called me for nearly a week. At first I guessed he might have been too busy. Later I really felt worried, so I dialed his number. Unexpectedly, I heard the voice on the phone saying, “The number you dialed is not answered.” I tried several more times in succession and got the same reply. That night I couldn’t get to sleep and began to think wild thoughts: What has happened to him? Has he lost his cellphone? Or did he have an accident? … I dialed his number every day, but it was not answered and later powered off. I could no longer quiet my heart before God. When I read God’s words, I couldn’t absorb them, and I was absent-minded when reading God’s words together with the new believers. More than half a month had passed, but no news came. The days truly did feel like a year. In the days following, I could hardly hold on and began to imagine: Driving a truck is dangerous work. If I lose my husband, how could I live? … The more I thought about it, the sadder I became. I was no longer willing to read God’s words or take care of the new believers, nor was I so warm as before when the sister came to my house. She found my condition was incorrect and asked me, “Sister, what’s wrong with you? If you have any difficulty, speak it out, and we can pray and rely on God together.” I hesitated for a minute, but seeing her sincere face, I poured out my distress to her. Then she said, “When we encounter something, we should first seek and pray to God, and believe everything is in God’s hands; don’t make any complaints. It is because we can’t see through the spiritual battle and will easily have doubts about God when it happens to us. We have read the Book of Job, and from the story of Job, we can see the spiritual battleSatan wants to impair God’s work and to devour and afflict people at all times. Behind everything that befalls us today is also Satan’s wager with God. Satan attempts to wreck our relationship with God and disrupt our believing in God.

Let’s see how God’s words say about that: ‘On earth, all manner of evil spirits are endlessly on the prowl for a place to rest, are ceaselessly searching for the corpses of men to eat up. My people! You must remain inside My care and protection. Never behave dissolutely! Never behave recklessly! Rather, offer up your loyalty in My house, and only with loyalty can you mount a countercharge against the devil’s cunning’ (‘The Tenth Utterance’ of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh). We see from the words of God that Satan is ceaselessly searching for men to eat up. In following God and experiencing God’s work, only with our true belief in and loyalty to God can we counterattack Satan’s cunning. Satan’s temptation befalling us is permitted by God. Although we have believed in God and are willing to pursue to perform our duty and satisfy God, Satan won’t let us go, and it will accuse us. So God uses its schemes to test whether we sincerely believe in Him. This is things in the spiritual realm. And Almighty God has also told us the mysteries of the spiritual realm. Almighty God says: ‘The building of the kingdom is aimed directly at the spiritual realm. In other words, the battle of the spiritual realm is made plain directly among all My people, and from this can be seen that all people are always warring, not just in the church, but even more in the time of the kingdom, and that although man is in the flesh, the spiritual realm is revealed directly, and man engages with the life of the spiritual realm. Thus, when you begin to be faithful, you must properly prepare for the next part of My work’ (‘The Eighth Utterance’ of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh). We must see clearly the spiritual battle. Satan uses every conceivable means to demolish God’s work; this is its old trick. Many people, because of failing to see through Satan’s schemes, misunderstood God and gave up their faith in God. If we cannot see this clearly, won’t we fall right into Satan’s scheme?”

I felt her fellowship was right and that I shouldn’t be fooled by Satan anymore. Finally the sister fellowshiped with me, “From the Book of Job we know that Job knew nothing about the battle in the spiritual realm then, but he bore that testimony. Now through reading God’s words we have known that behind everything that happens to us is Satan’s wager with God, so we should even more stand the testimony to satisfy God. God tells us these truths so that we can stand firm in our testimony to shame Satan and thus be saved and survive in the end. Therefore, when facing a trial, we shall just pray and rely on God more and read His words. God will protect us to stand testimony in the trial.” Through the sister’s fellowship, I came to know the truth of the spiritual battle and see Satan is ugly, wicked, and detestable. So I said to the sister, “I’ve seen God’s will. God hopes I will stand witness to humiliate Satan and accept His salvation when Satan carries out its plots. Don’t worry about me. I will not let God down. I will experience God’s work properly and stand firm in such circumstances to completely shame Satan.”

After the sister departed, I pondered her fellowship carefully. I read the experience of Job and saw that after Job defeated Satan in the trials, God blessed him doubly. At that time, I realized that I should not misunderstand or complain against God. From then on, I prayed to God and equipped myself with the truth every day. One day, I opened the book of God’s word and read: “Whatever your background and whatever the journey ahead of you, none can escape the orchestration and arrangement that Heaven has in store, and none are in control of their destiny, for only He who rules over all things is capable of such work. Since the day man came into existence, God has been steady in His work, managing this universe and directing the change and movement of all things. Like all things, man quietly and unknowingly receives the nourishment of the sweetness and rain and dew from God. Like all things, man unknowingly lives under the orchestration of God’s hand. The heart and spirit of man are held in the hand of God, and all the life of man is beheld in the eyes of God. Regardless of whether or not you believe this, any and all things, living or dead, will shift, change, renew, and disappear according to God’s thoughts. This is how God rules over all things” (“God Is the Source of Man’s Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). From these words of God I understood: What will happen to a person in his lifetime is predestined by God. Man’s life and death are under God’s control and no one can escape from it. And nothing will happen without God’s permission. “The life and death of my husband are also in the hands of God, and I should give everything that I have over to God and properly tread the path of belief in God from now on.” When I thought this way, my heart felt security and peace as never before.

One day, I was reading God’s words when suddenly my husband returned, and he specially brought some beef from the Northwest. I was dumbfounded by it. I could hardly believe my eyes, just gazing at him. My husband said, “Why, don’t you know me?” His appearance made me feel as if I were dreaming. The scene as seen in movies before happened to me. He told me that he had actually had an accident: Over a month before, when he was driving the truck full of sand downhill, it overturned, and his whole back was injured by the glass, but not to the bones, and his cellphone was lost in the sand. My husband’s return allowed me to see God’s authority—man’s life and death are indeed controlled in the hands of God, and without God’s permission Satan doesn’t dare to transgress the authority of God, much less dare it to overstep the mark.

After these experiences, I have really seen: The battle in the spiritual realm is extremely fierce. Satan is gazing at every person like a tiger eyeing its prey. It likes it when disaster and calamities befall man, and it wants to devour man. However, God does not stand idly by, He is always caring man and protecting man from being afflicted and devoured by Satan. If it had not been for God’s protection, I would have strayed from God and betrayed God when Satan tempted me and would be destroyed together with Satan in the end. Foolish as I was, God’s love was always accompanying me. He raised up the sister to fellowship with me. Through her fellowship and God’s words, I saw clearly the spiritual battle and saw through Satan’s schemes in time. Because God’s love for man and God’s strict care for man’s life give man a genuine guarantee, man live in peace and happiness. It is God who gives man such a happy life. I thank God for His protection from the bottom of my heart. Amen!

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