Documentary Featuring China’s Religious Persecution Played at St. Andrew’s International Church in Athens

On September 22 of 2019, around 2 p.m., a film event on the theme of religious persecution in China was organized by the St. Andrew’s International Church in Athens, and co-organized by some Chinese Christians who have fled to Greece due to persecution in China, to make the relevant hard facts known to more people.
The event was attended by more than 60 brothers and sisters in the Lord from Greece, the UK, the USA, the Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Iran, Syria and other countries. As the fifth sequel of the serial Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China produced by The Church of Almighty God (CAG), the film To the Brink and Back was played during the event.
This documentary is based on the personal persecution experience of Chen Wenzhong, a CAG Christian who used to be successful in his career and have a happy family. However, he was forced to live on the run for more than a decade because he was wanted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for his belief in Almighty God and devotion to the Church. The Chinese police have put his family under perennial surveillance, threat and intimidation, which led to the suicide of his young son…. Christians at the event were moved to tears over the film and were sympathetic toward Christians persecuted in China. With admiration, they also praised Chinese Christians for their faith in God and good testimonies made under tribulation. They showed great concern for the present Chinese Christians and asked them about the persecution they individually suffered; some expressed their intention to study the Bible and attend worship meetings with them; and some said they would be concerned with the persecuted Chinese Christians in the future.
A Christian from a Chinese house church told the audience about the CCP’s persecution of religions: Since it took power in 1949, the CCP has been persecuting religious beliefs, madly arresting and killing Christians, deporting and persecuting foreign missionaries in China, confiscating and destroying countless copies of the Bible, shutting down and demolishing churches, and trying to ban all house churches across the country…. Numerous Christians were subjected to arbitrary arrests, torture, sentencing, and imprisonment for their faith, attendance of worship meetings, and evangelical activities. To escape the CCP’s hunt, CAG Christians were forced to leave their homes and went into hiding. Thousands of them had to flee overseas to seek asylum in their recipient countries.
“It was not the first time that we heard the persecution of Chinese Christians. We have heavy hearts over the sufferings that they had to endure for their faith. It is good for you to organize such an event. We’ll tell more people about what is going on in China and give you a helping hand whenever you need it. We’ll keep you in our prayers,” a Filipino Christian said.
A Christian from Iran said that the film reminded him of his own experience in his country, where Christians are also persecuted. He was greatly moved by the film and thumbed up for the event.
The film event has gained the support of Christians internationally. They said that the event allowed them to know more about the CCP’s persecution of Christians, and that Chinese Christians deserved applause for their incredible bravery to uphold their faith in face of the CCP’s constant persecution. They promised to attend such events more often in the future.

Christians were listening attentively to Pastor Phil Jenkins’ recounting the CCP’s persecution of Christianity
Christians attending the film event were captivated by the story in the documentary
The audience were offering prayers to the persecuted Chinese Christians

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