God’s Word Leads Man to Live a New Life | “Our Church Life Is So Lovely”

Our Church Life Is So Lovely

Almighty God incarnate, we sing loud praises to You.
You bring us into the kingdom life.
We kingdom people are at Your rich banquet,
enjoying Your words, being cleansed of our corruption.
Your word leads us and we follow You closely.
It’s God’s grace that our satanic disposition is shaken off.
We enjoy God’s word and live a new life before Him.
Care for God’s heart, truly love Him, thank and praise Him.
La la la la la … la la la la la …

Believe that God’s word is the truth and can give us life.
We fellowship about God’s word and understand the truth, with the Holy Spirit working on us.
Empty ourselves, be simple and open, and practice being an honest person.
The truth makes us released and free, filling our heart with joy.
Our church life is so lovely, and all of the saints have come alive.
We fellowship about the truth and help one another, and our life grows rapidly.
Accept judgment, practice the truth, and live in God’s word.
Live out the reality of the truth to satisfy God’s heart.
La la la la la … la la la la la …

We brothers and sisters coordinate harmoniously and we are all happy.
We communicate God’s words and share experiences, performing our duties in coordination.
Obey the truth, enter the reality and make God satisfied.
Living in God’s love, we praise God forever.
La la la la la … la la la la la … hey!

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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