2018 Christian Music Video “The True Love of God” (Korean Song English Subtitle)

The True Love of God
Today I come before God again, I see His lovely face.
Today I come before God again, I’ve left my wandering past behind.
Today I come before God again, enjoying His word fills me with joy.
Today I come before God again, my heart has so much to say.
It’s His tender words that water and nourish me to grow up.
It’s His stern words that encourage me to stand up again.
Oh God! We can praise You for You have raised us!
We can sing to You today all because of Your blessing and mercy.

Oh God, You truly love us so! You make us relish Your words every day!
Oh God, You truly love us so! You enlighten us every day!
Oh God, You truly love us so! You water and nourish Your people.
You lead us away from Satan’s influence.
Brothers and sisters! Hurry and rise! Let’s praise our God!
Let’s cherish how He’s gathered us here today.
Be free from all burdens of the flesh! Praise onto Almighty God earnestly!
Fulfill our duty with all our heart and might, show our love for God with action.
We will love You forever, almighty true God!
from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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