Faith in God,Christian prayer

What Is True Faith?

What is faith? Let’s appreciate the meaning of true faith from the stories of the Bible characters Moses and Job.


3 Principles of Drawing Near to God in a Busy Life

How should we draw near to God in a busy life? This article shares 3 principles to help you quiet yourself before God and establish a normal relationship with God.

strengthen rrelationship with God

4 Ways to Strengthen Our Relationship With God

Fast-paced life makes us bound by all kinds of people, things, and matters, so that we grow further and further apart from God. Here are 4 ways to help us strengthen our relationship with God.

Trust God in Difficult Times

How to Trust God in Difficult Times

Why does God allow setbacks or failures? How should we trust God in difficult times and thus keep our faith in God? Read this article to find the answers.

The 4 Principles of Establishing a Personal Relationship With God

The 4 Principles of Establishing a Personal Relationship With God

How can we establish a good personal relationship with God? The sermon about relationship with God tells us four principles and will help us gain God’s approval.

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What Should We Do When God’s Trials Befall?

Trials are God’s tests and ordeals for people. So, how should we treat God’s trials so that we can become a person in line with God’s will?

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How to Practice Obedience to God When He Doesn’t Satisfy Our Demands

When what God does doesn’t conform to our expectations, how should we get rid of the requests for God and achieve true obedience to Him? The author’s experience will inspire you.

Why God Allows Trials and Tribulations to Befall Us

Why does God allow us Christians to go through trials and tribulations? How should we experience them? What is God’s will as He tries us? This article will show you the answers.

Christian Devotional,Reading the Word of God

Gain More Knowledge of God by Grasping 3 Principles of Reading the Word of God

Here are 3 principles for Christian devotional reading that will help you better know God’s will and gain more knowledge of God when you are reading the word of God.

One person on the mountain

How Christians Approach Unfavorable Things

When we Christians encounter unfavorable things, we’ll misunderstand and blame God. Read this article to help you understand how to approach unfavorable things and emerge from the pain.