God Saved My Dying Daughter

God Saved My Dying Daughter

My daughter was suddenly struck down by an illness at 11 p.m., and it was God who saved her at this crucial juncture.

I Regained My Voice

I Regained My Voice – From Atheist to Christian Testimony

When I became dumb after an illness and lived in pain, it was God who helped me regain my voice.

My Second Life Begins...

After Having a Brain Hemorrhage I Relied on God and Attained His Wondrous Protection

I believe in God for many years, but have no knowledge of God’s sovereignty. An experience of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage makes me know: Man’s life and death are indeed in God’s hand.

Child fell asleep

God Saved My Two-year-old Daughter From Drug Poisoning

Because of drug poisoning, my two-year-old couldn’t wake up. The doctor asserted that she would be retarded, but she was safe and sound in the end. I knew it was God who saved her.

read God's word

Thank God for Giving Me a Second Life!

A serious disease suddenly struck me in the prime of my life, then my wife betrayed me and my family were distant from me. Just when I was hopeless, God bestowed His gospel upon me and gave me a second life!

How I Ended Up Becoming 'The Other Woman'

How I Ended Up Becoming ‘The Other Woman’

When I lost myself and fell in love with a former classmate who had married, it was God’s arrangement that protected me from plunging into the abyss of sin.

God Is My Greatest Reliance

God Is My Greatest Reliance

The wonderful experiences of the job interview and the typhoon in the sea made me realized that God is my greatest reliance!

Almighty God Saved My Family From a Fire

In an unexpected fire, I saw the insignificance of man’s strength, and truly experienced God’s omnipotence and sovereignty.

I Experienced God’s Wonderful Deeds in the Fire

I Experienced God’s Wonderful Deeds in the Fire

She encountered a fire and tried many times to put it out, but all she did was in vain. And a miracle happened when she truly relied on God.

Almighty God Healed Me

Almighty God Healed Me

When she was immersed in the joy of being a new mother, the disease quietly befell her, and even the doctor couldn’t radically cure it. However, God healed her.