Mom and her son

Christian’s Testimony: My Premature Baby Weighing 3.3 Pounds Was Out of Danger

Because of God’s protection, my kid weighing 3.3 pounds was out of danger. In experience, I saw God’s almightiness and sovereignty and I was determined to follow God to the end.

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My Child Has Only One Kidney but Is Healthy

It was God who helped my child be born healthily, and I have seen God’s authority and power.

How to Keep Faith in God When Mother Got Terminal Lung Cancer

When my mother got terminal lung cancer, it was God’s word that guided us to keep faith in God. In the end, we saw God’s protection and her cancer was healed.

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Suddenly Under a Murderer’s Threat, I Was Saved From Danger by God

She was suddenly seized by a murderer. When her life was on the line, God saved her from danger.


At the Juncture of Life and Death, a Light Saved Me From the Hand of a Ruffian

At the juncture of life and death, a sudden light saved her from a ruffian. Later, she found that God saved her after her sister-in-law spread the gospel to her.


75-Year-Old Christian Was Saved From Deep Well

A 75-year-old Christian fell into a deep well. She couldn’t swim but was saved wondrously. This was completely God’s protection.

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God’s Protection: Dying One-Year-Old Child Escaped Death

One-year-old child choked on peanuts and lacked oxygen for almost five hours. It was God’s protection that helped him out of danger.

We Shouldn’t Believe in God Only to Gain Grace

I Understood We Shouldn’t Believe in God Only to Gain Grace

I once thought it’s natural to enjoy God’s grace when having faith in God, but I finally realized what true faith in God is in a meeting.


I Survived the Deadly Knife Attack at School

In a school, when a gangster was killing people with a knife, teachers and security guards all fled in panic. How did she survive when she was closely chased by the gangster?

hepatitis b cured testimony

My Hepatitis B Was Miraculously Cured

I lost hope in life when I was diagnosed with hepatitis B. Who gave me confidence and courage to confront my disease, so that I was no longer bounded by disease and finally recovered?