Losing Money

How Does She Go Through Dark Days After Losing Money?

Her years of hard-earned savings have been lost in the business her mother once carried on. How did she go through the dark days after losing money?

3 Aspects of Truth You Should Know

How will the Lord come again? What’s the path to breaking free from sin? What should we do when we hear the rumors? Understand these to welcome the Lord’s appearance.

Tree under the sun

Catholic Testimony: Rejoicing at Jesus’ Coming

After having welcomed Jesus’ coming, I restored my faith in the Lord and no longer feel empty.


Seeing Through Rumors, She Welcomed Jesus’ Second Coming

Blindly listening to the rumors, she almost lost God’s salvation in the last days. After fellowship, she saw through Satan’s rumors and welcomed Jesus’ second coming.


City With Rain: I’ve Found Church With Holy Spirit’s Work

Through seeking, I have found the church with the Holy Spirit’s work and enjoyed the nourishment of the city with rain.

I Will No Longer Define the Gender of the Returned Lord by My Imagination

Max    United States In 1994, I was born in the United States. My parents are both Chinese. My mother was the classic example of a successful career woman. She … Read More I Will No Longer Define the Gender of the Returned Lord by My Imagination

A person stares at the sky

How to Discern True God From Various gods?

After I understood the truth to discern the true God from the false ones, I knew that the fortune-tellers’ words cannot help me through difficult times.

Back view

Notion, Imagination Can’t Help Me Welcome Second Coming of Jesus

Because I defined God with notions and imaginations, I almost miss the opportunity to welcome the second coming of Jesus.

book, words

How to Discern the True Way From the False Ways

How to discern the true way from the false ways? We can discern it through looking at whether or not there is the work of the Holy Spirit, whether or not it can bring us positive effects.

a restaurant business

Thanks to God, I Have Recovered From Business Failure

Because of business failure, she lived in pain. But finally who could help her end the miserable life? Read this article …