Best Gospel Songs Collection – 2019 English Christian Songs With Lyrics

Best Gospel Songs Collection – 2019 English Christian Songs With Lyrics

1、God Blesses Those Who Are Honest-00:00
2、How to Search for God’s Footprints-04:32
3、Listen Carefully to God’s Words-08:35
4、God Likes Those With Resolve-14:02
5、Suffering Fills the Days Without God-17:25
6、The Transcendence and Greatness of the Almighty-22:32
7、Is the World Your Place of Rest?-26:22
8、The Life of Man Is Entirely Under God’s Sovereignty-30:50
9、Who Is Capable of Knowing God When He Comes?-35:50
10、Pay Attention to the Fate of Mankind-38:46
11、The Life of Man Cannot Be Without God’s Sovereignty-41:49
12、God Is the Sole Sovereign of Man’s Fate-45:42
13、Only When God Becomes Flesh Can Man Be His Confidant-49:56
14、God Saves Those Who Worship God and Shun Evil-53:35
15、God Eagerly Wants Those Who Can Carry Out His Will-58:09

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