God’s Word “All Is Achieved by the Word of God”

All Is Achieved by the Word of God

God speaks His words and does His work according to different ages, and in different ages, He speaks different words. God does not abide by rules, or repeat the same work, or feel nostalgia for the things of the past; He is a God who is always new and never old, and every day He speaks new words. You should abide by that which should be abided by today; this is the responsibility and duty of man. It is crucial that practice be centered around the present light and actual words of God. God does not abide by rules, and is able to speak from many different perspectives to make plain His wisdom and omnipotence. It matters not whether He speaks from the perspective of the Spirit, or of man, or of the third person—God is always God, and you cannot say that He is not God because of the perspective of man from which He speaks. Among some people there have emerged conceptions as a result of the different perspectives from which God speaks. Such people have no knowledge of God, and no knowledge of His work. If God always spoke from one perspective, would man not lay down rules about God? Could God allow man to act in such a way? Regardless of which perspective God speaks from, God has His aims for each. If God were always to speak from the perspective of the Spirit, would you be able to engage with Him? Thus, He speaks in the third person to provide His words to you and guide you into reality. Everything that God does is fitting. In short, it is all done by God, and you should not be doubtful about this. Provided that He is God, then no matter what perspective He speaks from, He is still God. This is an immutable truth. However He works, He is still God, and His substance will not change! Peter so loved God and was a man after God’s own heart, but God did not witness him as the Lord or Christ, for a being’s substance is what it is, and can never change. In His work, God does not abide by rules, but employs different methods to make His work effective and increase man’s knowledge of Him. His every method of working helps man know Him, and is in order to make man perfect. No matter which method of working He employs, each is in order to build up man and make man perfect. Though one of His methods of working may have lasted for a very long time, it is in order to temper man’s faith in Him. Thus you should not be doubtful. These are all the steps of God’s work, and must be obeyed by you.

Today, what is spoken of is entry into reality. There is no talk of ascending to heaven, or ruling as kings; all that is spoken of is the pursuit of entry into reality. There is no more practical pursuit than this, and to talk of ruling as kings is not practical. Man has great curiosity, and he still measures God’s work today by his religious conceptions. Having experienced so many of God’s methods of working, man still does not know the work of God, still seeks signs and wonders, and still looks at whether God’s words have been fulfilled. Is this not great blindness? Without the fulfillment of God’s words, would you still believe that He is God? Today, many such people in the church are waiting to behold signs and wonders. They say, If God’s words are fulfilled, then He is God; if God’s words are not fulfilled, then He is not God. Do you, then, believe in God because of the fulfillment of His words, or because He is God Himself? Man’s view of belief in God must be put right! When you see that God’s words have not been fulfilled, you run off—is this belief in God? When you believe in God, you must leave everything to the mercy of God and obey all the work of God. God spoke so many words in the Old Testament—which of them did you see fulfilled with your own eyes? Can you say that Jehovah isn’t God because you have not seen that? Seeing that the words of God have not been fulfilled, some wish to run away. Whoever wants to go should go, no one is stopping them! Try it, see if you can run away. Having run away, you’ll still come back. God controls you with His word, and if you leave the church and the word of God, you will have no way of living. If you don’t believe this, try for yourself—do you think you can just leave? The Spirit of God controls you, and you cannot leave. This is an administrative decree of God! If some people want to try, well, they can! You say this person is not God, so commit a sin against Him and see what He does. It is possible that your flesh will not die and you will still be able to feed and clothe yourself, but mentally it will be unbearable; you will feel stressed and tormented, nothing will be more painful. Man cannot bear to be mentally tormented and ravaged—perhaps you are able to endure the suffering of the flesh, but you are utterly incapable of enduring mental stress and long-lasting torment. Today you cannot see any signs and wonders, yet no one is able to run away, for God uses His word to control man. Intangible, invisible, without the advent of facts, yet still man cannot flee. Are these not the actions of God? Today, God has come to earth to provide man with life. He does not, as people imagine, coax you by showing signs and wonders in order to ensure a peaceful relationship between God and man. All those whose focus is not toward life, and who instead concentrate on making God show signs and wonders, are Pharisees! In the beginning, it was the Pharisees who nailed Jesus to the cross; if you measure God according to your own view of belief in God, believing in God if His words are fulfilled, and being doubtful and even blaspheming against God if they are not, then do you not nail Him to the cross? People such as this are negligent of their duties, and greedily revel in comfort!

On the one hand, the biggest problem with man is that he does not know the work of God. Though man’s attitude is not one of denial, it is one of doubt; he does not deny, but he also does not fully acknowledge. If people have a thorough knowledge of God’s work, then they won’t run away. On the other hand, it is that man does not know reality. Today, it is with the word of God that each person has engaged; indeed, in the future you should not think to behold signs and wonders. I tell you plainly: During the present stage, all you are capable of seeing are the words of God, and though there are no facts, the life of God can still be wrought into man. It is this work which is the main work of the Millennial Kingdom, and if you cannot perceive this work, then you will become weak and fall down, will descend amid trials and, yet more grievously, will be taken captive by Satan. God has come to earth principally to speak His words; what you engage with is the word of God, what you see is the word of God, what you hear is the word of God, what you abide by is the word of God, what you experience is the word of God, and this incarnation of God principally uses the word to make man perfect. He does not show signs and wonders, and especially does not do the work Jesus did in the past. Although They are God, and are both flesh, Their ministries are not the same. When Jesus came, He also did part of God’s work, and spoke some words—but what was the main work He accomplished? What He mainly accomplished was the work of crucifixion. He became the likeness of sinful flesh to complete the work of crucifixion and redeem all mankind, and it was for the sake of all mankind’s sin that He served as a sin offering. This is the main work He accomplished. Ultimately, He provided the path of the cross to guide those who came later. When Jesus came, it was primarily to complete the work of redemption. He redeemed all mankind, and brought the gospel of the kingdom of heaven to man, and, furthermore, He brought the kingdom of heaven. As a result, those who came after all said, “We should walk the path of the cross, and sacrifice ourselves for the cross.” Of course, in the beginning Jesus also did some other work and spoke some words to make man repent and confess his sins. But His ministry was still the crucifixion, and the three and a half years He spent preaching the way were in preparation for the crucifixion that came after. The several times that Jesus prayed were also for the sake of the crucifixion. The life of a normal man that He led and the thirty-three and a half years that He lived on earth were primarily for the sake of completing the work of crucifixion, they were to give Him strength, and make Him able to undertake this work, as a result of which God entrusted the work of crucifixion to Him.Today, what work will God incarnate accomplish? Today, God has become flesh primarily in order to complete the work of “the Word appearing in the flesh,” to use the word to make man perfect, and make man accept the dealing of the word and the refinement of the word. In His words He causes you to gain provision and gain life; in His words, you see His work and deeds. God uses the word to chastise and refine you, and thus if you suffer hardship, it is also because of the word of God. Today, God does not work using facts, but words. Only after His word has come upon you can the Holy Spirit work within you and cause you to suffer pain or feel sweetness. Only the word of God can bring you into reality, and only the word of God is capable of making you perfect. And so, at the very least you must understand that the work done by God during the last days is principally the use of His word to make every person perfect and guide man. All the work that He does is through the word; He does not use facts to chastise you. There are times when some people resist God. God does not cause great discomfort for you, your flesh is not chastised nor do you suffer hardship—but as soon as His word comes upon you, and refines you, it is unbearable for you. Is that not so? At the time of the “service-doers,” God said to throw man into a bottomless pit. Did man really arrive at the bottomless pit? Simply through the use of words to refine man, man entered into the bottomless pit. And so, during the last days, when God becomes flesh, He principally uses the word to accomplish all and make all plain. Only in His words can you see what He is; only in His words can you see that He is God Himself. When God incarnate comes to earth, He does no other work but the speaking of words—thus there is no need for facts; words suffice. That is because He has principally come to do this work, to allow man to behold His power and supremacy in His words, to allow man to see in His words how He humbly hides Himself, and to allow man to know His entirety in His words. All that He has and is are in His words, His wisdom and wondrousness are in His words. In this are you made to see the many methods with which God speaks His words. Most of God’s work during all this time has been provision, revelation and dealing. He does not curse man lightly, and even when He does, it is through the word. And so, in this age of God become flesh, do not try to see God heal and cast out demons again, do not always try to see signs—there is no point! Those signs cannot make man perfect! To speak plainly: Today, the real God Himself of the flesh only speaks, and does not act. This is the truth! He uses words to make you perfect, and uses words to feed and water you. He also uses words to work, and He uses words in place of facts to make you know His reality. If you are capable of perceiving this aspect of God’s work, then it is difficult to be passive. Instead of focusing on things that are negative, you should focus only on that which is positive—which is to say, regardless of whether or not the words of God are fulfilled, or whether or not there is the advent of facts, God causes man to gain life from His words, and this is the greatest of all signs, and even more so, it is an undisputable fact. This is the best evidence through which to have knowledge of God, and is an even greater sign than signs. Only these words can make man perfect.

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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