God’s Word “Your Character Is Too Low!”

The Church of Almighty God

You all sit on a high pedestal lecturing your children and grandchildren of your kind and make them sit with you. Do you not know that your “children and grandchildren” have long lost their breath and lost my work? My glory flashes from the east to the west. But when my glory spreads to the ends of the earth and when my glory begins to rise, I will take away my glory in the east and take it to the west so that these people of darkness in the east who reject me will never have the shining of the light again. At that time, you will live in the valley of shadow. Although people of today are a hundred times better than before, they still cannot meet my requirements and are still not a testimony of my glory. You can be a hundred times better than before, and that is the result of my work and is the fruit of my work on earth. But I still feel loathing for your words and deeds and for your character and feel extremely indignant at your acts before me, because you have no knowledge of me. So how can you be the living out of my glory? And how can you be faithful to my future work? Your faith is very good, and you say that you are willing to expend your whole life and sacrifice yourself for my work, but your nature is not transformed much. You are only lofty in words, but your actual actions are extremely poor, as if your tongue and lips were in heaven but your legs were far on earth. Thus your words and deeds and your repute are still extremely despicable. Your repute is notorious, your behavior is base, your speech is low, your life is contemptible, and even all your humanity is low. You are petty-minded in dealing with others and are always narrow-minded in handling things and quarrel over your reputation and position and would rather go to hell and fall into the lake of fire. According to your words and deeds of today, I can condemn you as sinful. According to your attitude toward my work, I can condemn you as unrighteous people. According to all your nature, I can say that you are sordid souls filled with detestable things. According to what you express and manifest, I can say that you are ones who have drunk the blood of the unclean spirit to their fill. When I talk about entering the kingdom, you all keep your own counsel. Do you think that what you are like today can qualify you to enter the gate of my kingdom? Do you think that you will be allowed to enter the holy place where I work and speak before your words and deeds have been tested by me? Who can cheat my eyes? How can your contemptible and low behavior and speech escape my eyes? Your life is condemned by me as a life of drinking the blood of the unclean spirit and eating the flesh of the unclean spirit, because you follow the pattern of the unclean spirit before me every day and your acts before me are especially low. How can I not feel loathing for you? You speak with the impurities of the unclean spirit: deceiving, lying, and flattering, like those who practice sorcery and like those who practice craftiness and drink the blood of the unrighteous. All your manifestations are extremely unrighteous. How can I put you all in the holy place where the righteous are? Do you think that your despicable deeds can separate you from the unrighteous? Your serpentine tongue will eventually ruin your flesh that does destructive and abominable things. And your hands that are stained with the blood of the unclean spirit will eventually pull your soul to hell. Why do you not take this opportunity to wash and clean your hands that are stained with filthiness? And why do you not take this opportunity to “sever” your tongue that speaks unrighteous words? Are you willing to suffer the fire of hell for your hands and tongue and lips? My eyes search the hearts of all men, because I had had man’s heart in my control and searched man’s heart before I created mankind. How can the thoughts in man’s heart escape my eyes? And how can they have the time to shun the burning of my Spirit?
Your lips are kinder than doves, but your heart is more sinister than the ancient serpent. Your lips are even as beautiful as the daughters of Lebanon, but your heart is not as kind as theirs or as beautiful as that of the Canaanites. Your heart is too crafty. What I loathe are just the lips and the heart of the unrighteous. I do not require people to be higher than the holy ones. But I just feel loathing for the evil deeds of the unrighteous and only hope that the unrighteous will be free from filthiness and break free from their present plight, so that they can be separated from the unrighteous and live with the righteous and become holy like them. You are in the same circumstance with me, but you are stained with filthiness, and your whole being does not have any original likeness of the man created in the beginning. And because you follow the pattern of the unclean spirit every day, doing what the unclean spirit does and speaking what the unclean spirit speaks, your whole being, even including your tongue and lips, is sullied by its foul water, and even your whole body is covered with stains and no part of it can be used for my work. How grievous! You are living in such a world of animals, yet you do not feel sorrowful in your heart but are very happy and living with leisure and ease and swimming around in the foul water while not knowing that you have fallen into such a condition. Every day you associate with the unclean spirit and with “excrement” and live a low life, but you do not know that you are not at all living in the human world and you are not at all in your own control. Do you not know that your life has long been trampled by the unclean spirit? Do you not know that your character has long been defiled by the foul water? Do you think that you are living in the paradise on earth? Do you think that you are one living in happiness? Do you not know that you have been living with the unclean spirit all your life and living with all that the unclean spirit prepared for you all your life? Is your life meaningful? Is your life worthy? You have been laboring and working for your parents, the unclean spirit, until now, yet you do not know that the one who afflicts you is your parents, the unclean spirit, that bore you and raise you, much less know that all your filthiness is actually supplied to you by it. You only know that it can give you “enjoyment,” does not chastise you or judge you, much less curse you, and that it never gets furious with you but is “kindly and affable” to you. Its words nourish your heart, making you lose your head and unable to find your bearings. Thus, you are unconsciously attracted by it and are willing to do service for it and be its outlet and its servant without any complaints and willing to serve it like a dog and a horse. You are deceived by it. Consequently, you do not even have any reaction to my work. No wonder you always want to steal away from my hand, and no wonder you always want to win my favor by fair words. So you have other plans and schemes. You have discerned a bit about the deeds of me the Almighty, but you do not know anything about my judgment and chastisement and do not know when my chastisement begins. You only know to cheat me, but you do not know that I am not to be offended by man. Since you have made a resolution to serve me, I won’t let you go. I am a jealous God, and I am a God jealous of man. Since you have presented your words before my altar, I won’t allow you to run away from my eyes, and I won’t allow you to serve two masters. Do you think that you can love something else after you have presented your words on my altar and before my eyes? How can I allow man to fool me like this? Do you think that your tongue can vow and swear to me at will? How can you swear by the throne of me the Most High? Do you think that your oaths have passed away? I tell you, even if your flesh passes away, your oaths will not pass away. At the end of the time, I will condemn you according to your oaths. However, you think that after you have presented your words before me to deceive me, your heart can serve the unclean spirit and the evil spirit. How can my anger tolerate these swine and dogs cheating me? I will execute my administration and seize all the conventional “devout” believers in me from the hand of the unclean spirit to “serve” me honestly and properly and to be my oxen and horses for me to slaughter as I wish. I will make you pick up all your past resolutions to serve me again. I do not allow any created being to cheat me. Do you think that you can demand things and tell lies before me at will? Do you think that I have never heard your words or seen your deeds? How can your words and deeds not be in my eyes? How can I allow man to cheat me like this?
I have been walking among you for years and living among you for a long time and living together with you. How many contemptible deeds of yours have gone away before my eyes? Your heartfelt words have been ringing in my ears and thousands upon thousands of and even countless resolutions of yours have been presented on my altar, but you have never consecrated or expended anything and have never put your true heart on my altar. Where is the fruit of your believing in me? You have received endless grace from me and seen countless heavenly mysteries through me, and I have even shown the fire of heaven to you and yet do not have the heart to burn you. But how much have you repaid me? How much have you given me willingly? You offered to me the food I bestowed to you, but you say that you earned it by the sweat of your brow and you have offered your all to me. Do you not know that all that you “offered” to me was stolen from my altar? And you offered it to me today. Aren’t you cheating me? Do you not know that all that I enjoy today is the offerings on my altar, which are not earned through your hard work and offered to me? You even dare to cheat me like this. How can I forgive you? How can I be patient with you any longer? I have bestowed everything to you and disclosed everything to you, supplying your needs and broadening your horizons, but you cheat me against your conscience like this. I have selflessly bestowed everything to you so that you have received from me everything brought by me from heaven though you have suffered. But you have never offered anything. Even if you consecrated something, you “reckoned” with me after that. Didn’t your consecration come to naught? What you consecrated to me was only a grain of the sand, but what you extorted from me was ten thousand taels of gold. Aren’t you being unreasonable? I work among you, but I have never received the tithes I deserve, not to mention more sacrifices, and the tithes offered by the godly ones were taken by the evil ones. Aren’t you ones who are in discord with me? Aren’t you ones who are against me? Aren’t you ones who tear down my altar? How can such ones be precious in my eyes? Aren’t such ones swine and dogs loathed by me? How can your evil deeds be considered precious by me? For whose sake is my work? Do I just do it to strike you down to reveal my authority? Isn’t your life decided by one word of mine? Why do I only speak words to you but do not turn the words into facts and strike you down earlier? Do I speak and work only to strike man down? Am I a God who strikes down the innocent willfully? Now how many of you are seeking the right path of human life wholeheartedly in my presence? You are only in my presence physically, but your heart is unbridled and is very far from me, because you do not know what my work is. So, many of you want to leave me, stay away from me, and want to live in the blissful world where there are no chastisement and judgment. Isn’t this what your heart desires? I do not force you. You may choose which path you want to take. The path of today is a path with judgment and curse. But you should know that everything I bestow to you, judgment or chastisement, is the best present I give to you and is what you need badly.

from “The Word Appears in the Flesh”

Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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