How should one accept and obey God’s judgment and chastisement, and pruning and dealing, and thus it means he is truly obeying God’s work?

The answer from God’s word:

For one to pursue the truth, experience the truth, and finally gain the truth as his life in believing in God, what does he need to do in this course? … You should not be afraid of suffering or pain, much less be afraid that God’s word would pierce your heart. You should read God’s words of judgment and chastisement and of disclosing the substance of man’s corruption more. Read them more and examine yourselves against them more. Don’t relate them to others but to yourself. All of them can be found in you, and they all can be related to you. You may experience if you do not believe. … You should first realize that every word God speaks, unpleasant or pleasant, bitter or sweet, sour or hot, you should accept it. This should be your first attitude toward it. What kind of attitude is this? Is it an attitude of godliness, of piety, of patience, or of enduring suffering? You are a little confused and do not know what attitude it is. I tell you, none of them is right. You should regard God’s word as the truth. Since it is the truth, you should accept it with sense. No matter whether it is the word you can know or whether it is the word you can acknowledge, your first attitude should be to accept it, to accept God’s word completely. Actually, by saying this God does not mean that you have done this thing or that someone has done such a thing. If God’s word is not directed at you or at a certain person, then at whom is it directed? If it is not directed at you, why are you asked to accept it? Isn’t this contradictory? Is this contradictory? No. But when you are asked to explain what it is about exactly, you cannot explain it clearly. Right? Why do I say it is not contradictory? Because every word God speaks deals with a certain kind of state, that is, in every word, He is not speaking about an outward phenomenon, much less an outward regulation, and He is not disclosing a simple outward action of man. It is not so. If you regard every word of God as a disclosure of a simple action of man or a disclosure of an outward phenomenon, then you do not understand the spirit and do not understand what the truth is. God’s word is profound. Where does the profoundness lie? That is, what His every word speaks about and discloses are the substantial things in man’s corrupt disposition and in man’s life, which are deep-rooted things, substantial things, but not outward phenomena, much less outward actions. According to outward phenomena, you may think that everyone is very good. But why does God say that some people are evil spirits and some are unclean spirits? That is something you cannot see. Therefore, you cannot relate God’s word to something according to the phenomena and what you see outwardly.”

from “The Importance and the Way of Pursuing the Truth” in God’s Fellowship and Preaching

What is it to accept truth? It means that no matter which corrupt disposition you have or which venom of the great red dragon poisons your nature, you acknowledge it when it is revealed by God’s word and submit to God’s word with utter conviction. And, you know yourself according to God’s word. This is what it means to accept God’s word. No matter what God says, no matter how piercing to the heart, no matter what words He uses, you can accept it as long as it is truth, and you can acknowledge it as long as it conforms to reality. You can submit to God’s word regardless of how deeply you understand it, and you accept and submit to the light of enlightenment from the Holy Spirit that is communicated by the brothers and sisters. When such a person’s pursuit of truth has reached a certain point, he can obtain truth and achieve the transformation of his disposition.”

from “How to Know Man’s Nature” in Records of Christ’s Talks With Leaders and Workers of the Church

Man’s disposition cannot be transformed by man himself. He has to undergo the judgment, chastisement, painful refinement, dealing, discipline, or pruning of God’s word before he can obey God and be faithful to God and treat God without perfunctoriness and deceitfulness. It is through the refinement of God’s word that one can be transformed somewhat in his disposition. Only those who have undergone the disclosure, judgment, discipline, and dealing of God’s word do not dare to act willfully and are composed and steady. And most importantly, they are able to obey God’s present word and obey God’s work, and even if they do not fit their notions, they can drop their notions and obey intentionally. …

Man’s pursuing entering into life is according to God’s word. It was said before that everything is accomplished through God’s word, but no one saw the fact. Today in this stage when you enter in and experience, you will be fully clear, and it is laying a good foundation for the future trials. No matter what God says, you just enter into His words. When God says that He starts to chastise people, you just undergo the chastisement; when God asks people to die, you just undergo the trial. You always live in God’s newest words, and in the end God’s word will make you perfect. The more you enter into God’s word, the sooner you will be perfected. Why do I repeatedly ask you to know and enter into God’s word in My fellowship? Only if you pursue and experience toward the inside of God’s word and enter into the reality of God’s word will the Holy Spirit have the opportunity to work on you. So in each of God’s ways of working, you are all competitors, and no matter how much you suffer, in the end you each will receive a souvenir. In order to be perfected in the end, you have to enter into all God’s words. When the Holy Spirit perfects man, it is not that the Holy Spirit works unilaterally, but it also needs man’s cooperation, needing everyone to cooperate consciously. No matter what God says, you just enter into His words; this is more beneficial to your life, and everything is for your disposition to be transformed. When you enter into God’s words, your heart will be moved by God, and you will know all about what God wants to achieve in this step of work, and also have the will to live up to it. In the times of chastisement, some people regarded it as a way of working and did not believe God’s words. As a result, he did not undergo refinement, and when he came out of the times of chastisement, he did not gain anything or have any knowledge. Some people did enter into the words, without the slightest doubt, saying that God’s words were absolutely true and men deserved to be chastised. After struggling in it for some time, they dropped their future and destiny; when coming out of it, they gained much transformation of their disposition and also had a deeper knowledge of God. Those who came out of the chastisement all felt God’s loveliness, and they knew that step of God’s work was God’s great love coming upon them and was the conquering and the salvation of God’s love; and they also said that God’s thoughts are always good and whatever God does on man is love, not hatred. Those who did not believe God’s words and those who paid no attention to God’s words did not undergo refinement in the times of chastisement. Consequently, the Holy Spirit did not accompany them, and they gained nothing. As for those who entered into the times of chastisement, though they were refined, the Holy Spirit worked hiddenly in them and thus they gained the transformation in their life disposition. Some people looked very active outwardly and were very happy all day, but they did not enter into the state of being refined by God’s word and did not gain any transformation. That is the consequence of not believing God’s word. If you do not believe God’s word, the Holy Spirit will not work on you. God appears to all those who believe His word. Those who believe and receive God’s word can gain God’s love!”

from “All Those Transformed in Disposition Are Ones Who Have Entered Into the Reality of God’s Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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