Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning-The Twentieth Utterance

The work of the Holy Spirit shoots ahead, bringing you into a completely new realm, which is that the reality of the life of the kingdom has appeared before you. The words spoken by the Holy Spirit have directly revealed the profundity within your heart and consequently one picture after another appears before you. All those who have a hunger and a thirst for righteousness, who have the intention to obey will surely remain in Zion and will stay in New Jerusalem. They will surely gain glory and honor together with Me, and share beautiful blessings together with Me! Now there are some mysteries of the spirit world that you have not yet seen, as your spiritual eyes are not opened; all things are absolutely wonderful, and miracles and wonders, things people have never even thought of, will gradually come to be. The almighty God will show His greatest miracles so that the ends of the universe and all nations and all peoples can see them with their own eyes, and see wherein My majesty, righteousness and almightiness lie. The day is coming closer! Now is an extremely critical moment—do you withdraw or do you persevere till the end and never turn back? Don’t look to any person, matter or thing, don’t look to the world, or your husbands, children or to your misgivings about life; just look to My love and mercy, see what it is I have paid to gain you, what it is that I am, and these things will provide sufficient encouragement.

The time is so close and My will must be achieved in all haste. I will not forsake all those in My name but will bring you all into glory. But it can be seen that now is a crucial moment. If someone cannot take that next step then they will lament for themselves all their lives and regret when it is already too late. Now your statures are put to a practical test to see whether the church can be built and whether or not you can obey each other. Viewed from this aspect, your obedience is indeed an obedience in which you pick and choose—though you may be able to obey one person, you find it hard to obey somebody else. There is indeed no way people can be obedient when they rely on their conceptions. However the ideas of God always surpass those of man! Christ obeyed unto death and died on the cross. Christ said nothing about any conditions or reasons; so long as it was His Father’s will, He obeyed willingly. Your current obedience is too limited. I say to you all, obedience is not obeying those outside yourselves, it is obeying the inner life within and it is obeying God Himself. My words are renewing and changing you from within, otherwise who would obey whom? You are all disobedient to others. You must take the time to figure this out, what obedience is and how you can live out the life of obedience. You must come before Me more and fellowship this matter, and slowly you will come to understand it, and will consequently relinquish the conceptions and choices within you. This way in which I do things is hard for people to understand thoroughly. It is not how people are good or capable—I use the most ignorant, the most insignificant to reveal God’s almightiness whilst at the same time reversing some of people’s conceptions, opinions and choices. God’s deeds are wondrous in this way, and they are beyond people’s speculations!

If you really want to become one who bears witness for Me, you must receive the truth purely and not absurdly. You must focus more on putting My words into practice, seek for your life to mature quickly. Don’t go seeking things that are without value; they are of no benefit to your life progression. You can only be built when your lives have matured and only then can you be brought into the kingdom—this is beyond all doubt. I still wish to speak some more to you. I have given you much but how much do you really understand? How much of what I say has become the reality of your life? How much of what I say are you living out? Don’t make futile efforts—you will attain nothing in the end, and will gain only emptiness. Others have gained real benefits very easily; how about you? Can you defeat Satan if you are unarmed and carry no weapons? You must live more in reliance on My words, and they are the best weapon for self-defense. You should take note: Do not take My words as your possession; if you do not know them, do not seek them, do not try to figure them out or fellowship with Me but are self-satisfied and self-contented, then you will suffer loss. You should draw upon the lesson now on this aspect, and you must put yourself aside and draw on the strengths of others to make up your own shortcomings; don’t just do whatever you want. Time waits for no man. The lives of brothers and sisters grow day by day, they experience change and are all renewed day by day. The strength of brothers and sisters arises and this is a great thing! Sprint to the finish line; no one will be able to attend to anyone else, just make subjective efforts to cooperate with Me. Those who have visions, who have a way forward, those who are not disheartened and those who always look forward are guaranteed to be victorious, without a doubt. Now is a crucial moment. Be sure not to be disheartened or discouraged. You must look forward in everything and not turn back, sacrifice everything and abandon all entanglements and pursue with all your might! So long as one breath remains to you, persevere to the very end; only this will be worthy of praise.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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