The Real Meaning of Rapture – Christian Poems

By Yang Xiang
The Gospel of John chapter 14 verses 2-3 say: “I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also.

The Real Meaning of Rapture

Throughout the ages believers in Lord Jesus have been yearning for this prophecy to be fulfilled.
They’ve been longing to be raptured up into the clouds to meet with the Lord.
They’ve been longing to be turned into a spiritual body instantly and raised to the heavenly kingdom.

I’ve heard that the Savior has already descended yet I have not seen the Son of man coming with clouds.
Why are we believers still on earth instead of being lifted to heaven to be with the Lord?
It’s true that God has prepared it for us, but where will the kingdom of heaven actually be?

The incarnation that is Almighty God brings the descent of God’s kingdom!
He utters His words for the salvation of man and we should not use our notions to delineate God.
Why look to the sky to search for it while “the tabernacle of God is with men”?

Christ lives and eats with man and wants to make God’s people complete.
God’s will is carried out on earth as it is in heaven.
God created man and placed him on earth, so why must we seek to enter heaven?

It has long been prophesied in the Bible and now the facts have become true.
Notions and imagination will put one to death and letters and doctrines will ruin one’s life.
Listen attentively to God’s voice from the throne and all truths and mysteries are disclosed.

God says: “‘Being caught up’ is not being taken from a low place to a high place as people imagine. This is a huge mistake. Being caught up is referring to My predetermining and selecting. It is targeted at all those I have preordained and chosen. … This is most incompatible with people’s notions. Those who have a share in My house in the future are all people who have been caught up before Me. … This is the counterattack against Satan. Anyone I preordained shall be caught up before Me”.

God’s people come before the throne and behold the Lord’s face before the seat of Christ.
They accept God’s new work and are accompanied by His judgment and chastisement.
They carry out God’s will on earth, where rapture is actually realized.

God’s resting place is in heaven and man’s resting place is on earth.
We must experience God’s judgment to achieve purification so that we will be saved by God and survive the disaster,
As well as enter the Millennial Kingdom and become the people of the kingdom.


Is the Hope of Rapture to meet Jesus Christ Achievable?
Are the words “being raptured in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air” right?
What Should We do Now to be Raptured at the Lord’s Return?

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