The Groans of the Earth

By Yang Fan

The Cry of the Glacier

Many years ago, the earth rotated happily. She wore the beautiful green clothes of verdant plants. A range of majestic mountains and mighty rivers added radiance and beauty to each other under the blue sky and white clouds. They were distributed on the surface of the earth regularly, interdependent and interconnected, fulfilling their sacred duty bestowed by the Creator to protect humans. At that time, people could heartily enjoy the fresh air, the green things, and the various clean water resources…. Living in such a beautiful homeland, people felt very happy and joyful.


Gradually, in order to meet their desires and obtain all kinds of interests, people became discontent with the situation and always tried to do some “great pioneering work” on the earth. Therefore, they began to exploit the resources of the earth, and it was difficult for them to stop. For example, when people are able to explore the South and North Poles, they constantly drill into the glaciers under the banner of exploring the nature. Day after day, year after year, many expeditions from different countries visit there constantly. Little by little, the glaciers become loose, and large areas of them have melted.

At this point, the glacier, enduring the pain, repeatedly warns people, “Don’t touch me! Leave me as I am. The Creator uses me to maintain the balance of the temperature on the earth. Without my regulating the atmospheric temperature of the earth’s surface, the earth will be burnt up by the hot sunshine. If there is no suitable temperature, you cannot live on the earth. As you do such researches and destroy my structure, I will melt and the sea will flood. This will bring you people terrible calamities….” However, no matter how the glacier calls and cries, people are still indifferent, and continue destroying the glaciers without scruples.

Slowly, the body of the glacier begins to melt and flow into the sea, which causes the sea level to keep rising. The sea runs over the shore, and rushes to mankind’s homeland. Some coastal and low-lying countries and regions in the world have long ago faced the peril of being drowned by the sea.

The Call of the Forest

When the glacier makes protest against mankind, what kind of fate will the green clothes of the earth—the forest—face? Most of the land on the earth was originally covered with all kinds of plants; great trees stood erect, lifting up their heads. When people walked among them, they could enjoy the fresh air to their hearts’ content. However, people don’t cherish this comfortable natural oxygen bar which is bestowed by God, instead, they use the excuse of developing the economy to cut timbers to excess. So, large areas of the forest fall down with the harsh sound of the electric saws, and then the woods are quickly transferred to various places to be processed and used.


When the area of the forest is reduced quickly, she finally can’t bear, cries bitterly, “Please stop! Don’t deforest me excessively! Once my area becomes small, the sandstorm will come and the soil will be eroded, and the concentration of the carbon dioxide will rise. These consequences will lead to irremediable disasters. Moreover, I’m the home of various plants and animals. Due to my existence, the lions, tigers and other wild animals won’t run around. If you destroy me, animals will lose their homeland and then come out to harm people. Thus, you will be the first ones who are harmed.”

However, no matter how the forest cries, the greedy people are still unmoved, wantonly cutting down trees with all sorts of felling tools. The forest can do nothing but shake her head helplessly. As a result, the sandstorm usually comes upon the human beings, the ozone layer is destroyed, and the soil erosion becomes ever more serious. Many animals lose their homes and some of them even have become extinct. The tigers, leopards, and lions, when hearing the sound of sawing, are so frightened that they hide everywhere, and some of them have already come out of the forests, roaring with misery and running toward crowds.

The High Mountain Gives Utterance to His Sorrow

As the forest is crying, how about the high mountain? Is he steady as usual? When looking carefully, we find that, unknowingly, the mountain which was once erect and protected humans’ homelands, has also become a place where people gain profits.

high mountain

Because there are rich mineral deposits in the mountain, those people who can’t extricate themselves from the evil trend of pursuing material things rush toward the mountain and mine it with all kinds of instruments, such as shovels, excavators, and so on. Soon, the mineral deposits of the mountain are hollowed out, and the texture of the mountain is destroyed. The mountain bears the serious pain, roaring, “My destiny the Creator has given to me is to block the fierce wind and various kinds of sand and stones. But if you constantly destroy my body, how can I fulfill my duty to block the fierce wind and sand and stones? By then, fierce wind and sand and stones will constantly rush toward the homes of humans, which will bring you enormous disasters. So, my existence is valuable and necessary. Don’t destroy me anymore!”

Nevertheless, the people who are possessed with a lust for profit don’t listen to any of his warnings; they still destroy, explore, and dig the mountain without stop. Therefore, we see the fierce wind carrying with sand toward us. The mountain wants to stretch out his arms to block the fierce wind, but he can’t do anything about that because he is covered with wounds. He can only see the humans’ houses are blown down by fierce wind and their homelands are damaged. The mountain closes his eyes and weeps silently.

The Warning of God

God’s words say: “All things are subject to their own laws, which is under God’s rule, and all things have their own rule of survival, which is also under God’s rule, while mankind’s fate and what they need are also closely related to God’s rule and His supply. That is why, under God’s dominion and rule, mankind and all things are interconnected, interdependent, and interwoven. This is the purpose and value of God’s creation of all things” (“God Himself, the Unique VIII”).

All things created by God are interdependent and interacting, mutually intertwined and interconnected. The glacier, forest, and mountain all have their own mission given by God. Under God’s orchestration and arrangement, they make the earth full of life and vitality and make us live normally on the earth. But once they are destroyed, we will face crushing calamity; if that happens, where will we go? Can people really fight against the catastrophes with our own strength?

Nowadays, the ecology of the earth and the patterns of its orbits have been destroyed. Our homeland and our own lives are facing an unprecedented crisis. Thus, if we want to restore peace to the earth, the only way is to stop destroying it, seek the Creator’s will, and do as God tells us. Only in this way can we get God’s care and blessings. God’s words give us a warning and the way of practice: “If God does nothing, if God no longer wishes to do anything for mankind—that is to say, He doesn’t want to intervene—the best method would be for mankind to stop this destruction and return things to how they were. Putting an end to all this destruction means to stop the plundering and devastation of the things God has created. This will allow the environment where man lives to gradually improve. Failure to do so will result in further destruction of the environment and it will only become more serious” (“God Himself, the Unique VII”).

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Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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