New Chinese Gospel Song “The Significance of the Appearance of God”

The appearance of God refers to His arrival on earth to do His work in person.
With His own identity and disposition, and in the way that is innate to Him,
He descends among mankind to conduct the work of initiating an age and ending an age.
This kind of appearance is not a form of ceremony.
It is not a sign, a picture,
a miracle, or some kind of a grand vision,
and even less is it a kind of religious process.
It is a real and actual fact that can be touched
and beheld by anyone.
This kind of appearance is not for the sake of going through the motions,
or for any short-term undertaking;
it is, rather, for a stage of work in His management plan.

The appearance of God is always meaningful
and always bears some relation to His management plan,
bears some relation to His management plan.
What is called “appearance” here is completely different from
the kind of “appearance” in which God guides, leads, and enlightens man.
God carries out a stage of His great work each time He reveals Himself.
This work is different from that of any other age.
It is unimaginable to man, and has never been experienced by man,
has never been experienced by man.
It is work that starts a new age and concludes the old age,
and it is a new and improved form of work for the salvation of mankind;
moreover, it is work that brings mankind into the new age.
This is what the appearance of God signifies.

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In recent years, disasters around the world are growing larger and larger in scale. The Philippines is hit by one disaster after another. As the pandemic is still spreading, here come famines, and in some places, people do not have food. Facing the frequent disasters, are you reflecting on the following: Now is the end of the last days, and the signs of the Lord’s return have appeared. Accordingly, the Lord should have returned. So, how can I welcome the Lord’s return and avoid falling into disasters?

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